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   Jerry's Kids. What more can you say about this bunch of Dallas Cowboys? I believe, no, let me rephrase that........I know the main problem with this team is the owner. Well, the coaches are somewhat to blame as well, but that's not my point just yet. Uncle Jerry is. It wasn't that long ago he said he loves the glamour.....the more the better. How glamourous is losing? Not just losing, but fielding a team of immense talent, and watch them play as if they were in the Special Olympics? I am not disrespecting the Special Olympics, mind you, but I do believe those kids could whip Jerry's right now.

  Of course injuries had a lot to do with how things played out, , but that's no excuse. Every team has injuries. You say Felix Jones got hurt early and that caused a lot of problems by itself. Well, Felix Jones was not here last year........so don't give me that excuse....or Scandrick, or Jenkins....numerous others as well, but the core of the team from last year ARE still here.  There were some who collected a ton of money that are still here. See T.O., Romo, Adams, etc.  Seems like when people are up for a raise, and get it, their playing seems to suffer for it, and declines. Not just on this team, but others as well. Jerry re signed Flozell Adams to a bigger contract so he could get the record for most false starts in a season. Good move. Need those kinds of records too. Does ineptness have a record? If not, maybe one should be created. Maybe when Brad "Noodle Arm" Johnson got to play, his ineptness rubbed off on everyone else? I can think of no other reason for this display of total.......ineptitude......to start and just get continually worse each game. Tonights game was the epitomy of all that ineptitude build up and a total collapse was the result. I didn't think they could do any worse than the Baltimore game, but boy howdy, did they prove me wrong.

 When the team needed some help in the secondary..what does JJ do? He of the immense intelligence goes and throws a ton of money to a receiver named Williams. Not only money, but some draft picks as well from next year. The team needed help defensively......DEFENSE!......So, we get a receiver......That was as bright as a burned out light bulb. How much did Mr Williams help? Tonight, he looked like he was playing on another planet.   

So, Jerry, keep on tossing out all that money. Maybe one day when Stephen inherits this team, maybe, just maybe they might win another SB. But, I doubt they will in your lifetime. Jimmy Johnson got those 3 for you back in the 90's. (I don't count Switzer as winning a SB....those were Jimmy's people. Switzer showed how smart he was with those 2 fourth and inches plays he had run and got stuffed.)  Maybe it's time for you to step aside and let some people with football smarts run this team. You should stick to making commercials. Even better, stay away from any and all games as well.

  When the new stadium is opened next year, (as of this writing, it is still next year) I wouldn't be surprised if Jerry bought the naming rights and named it after himself. "The Jerry Jones Stadium"...and let's not forget to erect a statue of JJ  near the front entrance as well. Statue of a Fool and name it after Jerry. Makes for a good Country and Western song, doesn't it?

  I guess, in Jerry's mind, and he has plenty of it........ask him, he'll tell you........ coaches come a dime a dozen, so Sparano leaves, and takes with him all he can, and we get some no name coaches to show our 'Boys how to become Hollywood.  Is it a coincidence that Romo is (I'm assuming he still is) dating  Jessica Simpson, and Wade's daughter is a movie actress?  Wade is undoubtedly a nice fellow and a gentleman. More than likely a damn good defensive coordinator. Head coach I am afraid is out of his ballpark. When they went for that 4th and inches, Wade was going to send out the punting unit, but Romo wanted to go for it. They made it, yes, but who made that decision?  Wade looked confused. Confusion and football don't mix well.

One more thing..........I believe Jerry should sell the Cowboys and go to Detroit and buy the Lions. Or maybe we could trade owners. At this point in time, I am ready for JJ to go away. I wish Clint Murchison was still alive. Fine owner, that man.


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