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AUTHOR'S NOTE:  Mickey Mouse is not a real person.  There is no way I could possibly know anyone who has that name.  He does not exist.  You could say that his profile is private for nobody to see. 

Mickey Mouse:  That's my name for people who talk a big game about poker, but never actually do anything.  They show up at tournaments, and its always the bad play of other people that get them knocked out.  They play in the cash game, and someone else's stupid call always takes their money.  But oh man, when they were in Vegas, where nobody saw them, they were busting Doyle Bunson and his son Todd every night.  In fact, last week they were in Wyoming at a friend's game and they must have won $1500.  (Of course, they don't have a dime of that $1500 in their pocket currently, but they won it, guaranteed). 

A Mickey Mouse is easy to spot, and even easier to expose.  All you have to do once you spot them is ask them to sit down at a game.  Because cards are the great equalizer.  Cards don't lie.  Either you win or you lose at the poker table.  There is no maybe in the chips and the cards.  Its all there in front of you.  There are either chips or felt.  That's why I love the game so much. 

In my normal games each week, I play against people with millions of dollars, as well as people who have to get the change out of their ashtray just to have enough for the buy in.  And once the game starts, you can't tell the difference between the two.  Everyone's goal is the same:  To get the other guy's chips.  And I'll tell you the truth....the millionaires I play with are every bit as happy with a $200 win as the broke people.  It isn't the money that is important, it is the victory. 

Now all of the people I respect in the games I play have one other common trait.  None of them can stand a Mickey Mouse.  A Mickey Mouse ruins the game for everyone else.  They b**ch, whine and moan about every hand.  They never make one bad move.  Never one bad call.  Never one bad chase.  The pot odds were always perfect.  But man, if you make a questionable call against them, you hear about it for the next hour. 

Don't get me wrong.  I complain with the best of them when someone busts me with a stupid hand.  The difference between me and a Mickey Mouse though is that I quickly get over it.  Remember, earlier in the year, we talked about tilting.  I said then, and I say now, I don't tilt.  If I get mad about a particular hand, and I then call a bet the next hand, you can believe I have a hand.  Don't think for a second its because I'm on tilt.  Wait, check that....PLEASE think I'm on tilt. 

So there's today's thought:  Don't be a Mickey Mouse.  Be a player the other players want to be around.  Make poker fun for those you play with.  Here is the test for that:  If you consistently win, and they STILL invite you to the game, then you're fun to be around.  If you consistently lose, and you still don't get most of the invites, then you are a Mickey Mouse.



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