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Terrell Owens, the worse possible teammate in the history of team sports, has infected and crippled another team, Americas Team, the Dallas Cowboys. I don't know what more baffling, that this has happened at his 3rd destination or that there some obviously brain-damaged individuals who continue to make apologies for this man. Look, I understand if you're on the payroll or if you're actually related to this pyschopath, but for any sane, rational-thinking human being to continue to stand by this guy is bordering on stupidity. I don't hate Terrell Owens, in fact I marvel at his preparedness, ability to stay healthy and his dedication to his craft. Unfortunately some of the traits that make him a great individual player will always render him a Coach, Quarterback and Team Killer. The Owens virus is sometimes blatant but often sneaky. It tears apart a team so systematically that sometimes you focus on the offensive coordinator, the coach, the defense and the new wideout, when in reality the Owens virus infected all parts of the body. Defensive players (who are just not smart individuals, save a few, on or off the field) seem to always back this guy and that's where the Owens virus creates the first fracture. So now you have the defense second-guessing the offense due to Owens chumming around with them, gaining their trust only to exploit it when he whines and pouts. Defensive players are like freshman willing to do anything to hang out with the seniors, they can played like violins. So now the defense is focusing on how many balls go to Witten when they should be focused on not tiring out in the 4th quarter and letting a fullback and a running back past his prime reel off 80 yard runs--see how the virus works? So now you have the offense and QB, they are warding off that virus with such intensity that they forgot about that wideout they spent a few high draft picks to acquire. That new wideout is dazed and woozy by the Owens virus that he forgets he once was bordering on elite WR status, even though he was in Detroit. The virus goes from whining about the TE getting the ball to whining about the new wideout NOT getting the ball, only a virus of this strength could send such conflicting messages. So the virus that is Terrell Owens has weakened a once-strong Dallas Cowboys team. They're ripping up signs from fans, fighting on team planes and watching the playoffs this weekend at home. Jerry Jones has the vaccine, it's called a trip to the GM's office and walking papers for the virus. Let's see if Jerry is ready to fix what ails the Cowboys.


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