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With the firing of Shanahan, Mangini, Marinelli, and Crennel that bring the total job opening in the NFL to 6(Detroit, Jets, Browns, Rams, Seattle, and Broncos) I think by the end of the month there will be an opening in Dallas, Tampa and one place a coach would not want to go Cincinnati. The reason I say Dallas is well now that Shanahan is on the market Jerry Jones is tossing and turning trying to find the money to bring him in. I know Jones said this and said that, how many time have we heard "He's not going any were" and poof they are gone. For a team to be that stacked and miss the playoffs is a disgrace and a waste of money. In Tampa its simple you start at 9-3 and could very well win the division, then you go on a 4 game skid and you play your self right out of the playoffs. With so many high profile coaches on the free market Gruden has to be watching his back. With all this drama it might be hard to reamber who's in and who's out in the playoffs. From the NFC we have the Giants, Cardinals, Panthers, Minnesota, Atlanta, and Philly in the AFC Titans, Dolphins, Steelers, Chargers, Indy and the Ravens. In round one we have:

Atlanta (11-5-0) at Arizona (9-7-0)

The Falcons have a never say die attitude that will help lift them past an Arizona team that had the potential to win 12, yet they failed to do so but managed, thanks to a weak West; make the playoffs something they haven't done and a long, long time. Both Atlanta and Arizona have good teams and either could win and go on to the divisional round, only one has the potential to make it even further and that's the Falcons.

Indianapolis (12-4-0) at San Diego (8-8-0)

We all wanted to see just one more time the Patriots face the Colts in what is always and epic battle of will and just plain old fashion good coaching, were any mistake could pull the momentum in the other direction. Instead we get to see the Chargers a team that is 8-8 and not looking like good competition for the Colts. Well if that's how you feel you're wrong!! These two teams play just a good if not better that the Colts/Pats, San Diego is way better than their record shows. I will go with the underdog in this game as the Chargers will stun the Colts and the rest of America.

Those are the Saturday game; then we have some exciting game to serve up on Sunday:

Baltimore (11-5) at Miami (11-5)

Last year the Dolphins pulled off a season saving over time win that cost Came Cameron and Brian Billick their jobs, if you go back even further the Ravens and Dolphins played in 2001 and the Ravens trounced the Dolphins holding them to a field goal. This year the Ravens played the Phins in week 7 and trashed them again 27-13, On Sunday the Dolphins are 3 point underdogs. I think there is only going to be one rookie qb and rookie coach making it past the first round and that the Falcons, the Dolphins will be ready to pick apart the stout Ravens D and will play mistake free football.

Philadelphia (9-6-1) at Minnesota (10-6)

Philly a team that needed a lot of help to make it to the post season and received it, the Vikings needed a Bears loss to make the post season, they got a Bears loss and they beat the giants with a last second field goal. Two team that seam to have destiny on their side face off, will it be AP and his ground game that gets his team past the Eagles of will in be McNabb and Co. that get the job dun, Philly always comes to work it's hard hat on and they will needed it at the Viking would love to pull the glass slipper of the Eagles foot. Eagles pick up the win and the clock gets closer to midnight.

These are my picks on what will go down this week, disagree or agree let me know what's up; here's a shout out to the team that missed the post season. Bucs, Da Bears, Broncos, Cowboys and the Patriots better luck next year guys.


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