West Coast Rink Rants
Talk about a heavy dose of reality being administered at Joe Lewis Arena last night.

The Blackhawks, the only NHL team I am loyal to, were stomped by the Big Red Menace known as the Detroit Red Wings 4-0.

The Hawks nine game win streak was zapped with brutal precision and Wings heart and soul Nick Lidstrom was not even in uniform.  

I am not a fan who cheers blindly, but the Hawks are decent this year and if the Wings adopt this merciless rout behavior through playoff time, I don't think there is a team that could establish jeopardy to the Wings defense of their Stanley Cup.

Beware Sharks.

Beware Bruins.

Beware NHL, the Wings are as vicious as ever and they will not cough up the Cup gingerly.

I have never been one to switch preseason championship participant picks midseason.

For example, until The Jacksonville Jaguars were mathematically eliminated in what? Week 1? I held onto to my "prediction" that they would meet Carolina in the Super Bowl.

Same with baseball, although it looked shady for both the Rays and the Phillies throughout the season, I stuck with them. (I actually picked the Red Sox and the Mets, as you could see my prognosticating prowess in 2008 was ill).

With the NHL, I will stick with my Sharks-Flyers pick mainly out of habit, but I must say those Bruins are looking mighty hungry.

They feasted on downtrodden Penguins last night en route to their ninth straight victory.

The nine game win binge is their longest since their 82-83' campaign.

I am really impressed with the emergence of Phil Kessel. Since his league debut in 06-07' his goal tally total has from 11 to 19 to 23 so far this year and his pts per game average has inflated from 0.45 to 1.05.

If Kessel continues the goal scoring pace he is on he will be the first Bruin since Cam Neely (93-94') to reach the 50 goal plateau. (Of course Neely did it in 49, but Neely is a direct dissident of Hercules and was out of this world when he laced them up).

Now onto the fight of the night, featuring Boston's Milan Lucic and Pittburgh's Tim Wallace.

We have already know what Lucic is about and what a tough customer he is, but Wallace is a relative unknown and I think that may be the reason he was so eager to have a go with the imposing power forward. Wallace is clawing for a roster spot and has yet to make his mark. Believe it or not, his showing in this first clip has been more impressive then anything else he has done for the team in the nine games he has earned ice time.

I couldn't leave the readers of the Rink Rant with the just one fight and a lopsided one at that. We will stick with the Bruin theme and cover one of the legends.

Let's take a look at my 1B all-time favorite Bruin, Stan Jonathan. (#4 is just one iconic goal celebrating leap/trip ahead of Jonathan for me).

A full-blooded Tuscarora tribesman from the minor Ontario town of Oshweken, Jonathan only played until the age of 28, in fact, he only played six full seasons under the Bruin banner, but he was able to leave an immortal impression on Boston and NHL fans alike.

He stood at 5'8 and weighed only 175 pounds, but based on who he fought and how he fought them he was easily a top ten heavyweight for much of his career.

When you consider a fight card that boasts a list of opponents like Mel Bridgeman, Clark Gillies, Dave Schultz, Randy Holt,Chris Nilan, and Behn Wilson there is no denying that Jonathan deserves heavyweight classification.

A lot of people consider Jonathan to be the greatest pound for pound fighter of all-time and I am certainly one of them.



Lucic vs. Wallace


Jonathan vs. Dupont


Jonathan vs. Behn Wilson


Jonathan vs. Bouchard


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