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Kind of quick today...I think.  I'll let you know when I'm done.

Had a discussion on email earlier about cash vs. tournament play, and thought I'd repeat what I said there.   Mainly because people don't seem to understand the difference.  I had one friend tell me one night, after I said "You play cash just like you play tournament", THEY'RE THE SAME THING.  Well, to him they are, because he sucks at both of them.  But for the rest of you, here's a little tutor.

Tournament Hold Em is mostly played preflop, and rarely played beyond the flop.  If someone raises preflop and gets called, a bet post flop will normally take down the pot.  It is that simple.  And very often it won't even get that far.  Everyone folds around to the button, the button raises, the blinds fold, hand over.  That is a typical tournament hand.

Cash game Hold Em is a post flop game.  Lots of limping and calling, and then calculated bets and calls as the hand develops. 

Why the difference?  Simple:  In tournaments, if you're wrong, you're done.  In cash, if you're wrong, you reach in your pocket and pull out more money.  Plus, in cash, you can win enough in one hand to make up for a bunch of other speculation, if you can reload.  You probably never get the chance in a tournament. 

So what does that mean to you?  Simple answers. 

In tournament, play smart.  Play great starting hands, and throw away junk to a raiser.

In cash, be a little more proactive.  Be aggressive.  Remember, if you bought in for $100, and you have 100 $1 chips, then every chip is a REAL DOLLAR.  So being agressive and winning $3 is really winning $3. 

Most times, you'll have a house tournament, and then move to a cash game afterwards.  Take a moment, walk outside, and prepare your self mentally.  You MUST change gears when you change games.

Another question that came up concerned Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo.  I'll just say this:  Hold Em is for poker players.  Omaha is for gamblers.  I love them both, but I don't confuse my abilities in Hold Em with my abilities in Omaha.  I'm good at both, but suck at Omaha Hi/Lo.  And I know it. 

Now, some may argue about what I said about Omaha, but its true.  You almost NEVER see a pot taken down preflop with Omaha.  In fact, someone might raise and everyone else at the table will STILL call.  And then the original raiser doesn't win the hand in the end.  That's GAMBLING.  Lucrative gambling, but still gambling.

Lastly, a little advice to show the difference between games.  I'll use Two Pair to show something.

 In Hold Em, two pair is NORMALLY a killer hand.  It will USUALLY win.

In 7-Card Stud, two pair is a reasonable good hand.  It will frequently win, but is easily beatable by someone else.  In fact, if I have two pair, and neither are Aces, and another person has an Ace showing, I strongly consider folding.

In Omaha....two pair is total junk.  I'll bet you it doesn't win 15% of the time.  And people that don't realize that pay my bills. 

There ya go, the Saturday post.  No poker today for me.  Played a $160 tournament in Black Hawk at the Golden Gates Casino yesterday, and it was terrible.  I folded 3-7 or 3-8 50 times, at least.  Some days just suck.  Remember, no one tournament is important.  The long term results are.  So I'm still up for 2009!!!



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