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I Know what you're thinking, here we go again and you'd be right.  A lot of people write blogs when they hit the one year point on FN, so why should I be different.  I don't know what the official terms for "veteran" is, but I think I have earned the right to drop the term "newbie" from my name.  I still have things to learn, but as the old saying goes, "you learn something new every day".  Anyway here's my blog, I hope you enjoy it.

I joined FN on 1 Jan 08 and let me tell you, it has been quite a trip for me.  Ups and downs and many wrong turns. I had never joined a sports site before and I was a little nervous about what to expect.  As we all know there are a lot of "nuts" on the internet and I didn't want to run into any of them, but it was too late.  Once I jumped in there was no going back. Around every corner there was someone who didn't want to talk to you or had something nasty to say.  I wasn't sure this was for me, but I stuck with it, and I'm glad I did.

I wasn't quite sure where I should start, so I just wandered around for awhile to get my feet wet.  There were many things to do and I was starting to make some comments and then some friends and everything seemed to be falling into place.

I thought blogging would be fun as I like to write.  After a few blogs, which didn't get many views, I thought I'll watch what the others are doing, wondering how they were getting many views and coments.  After a few more blogs, I was asked to join the "women R Us" group run by Cassidy's House. I joined and started seeing more view on my blog thanks to Cassidy for advertising them.  It was a nice 7 month ride.

I was then asked to join a new group called "Newbies".  I needed help so thought this would be the perfect group.  I joined the group and thanks to RStowe I learned more and more about navigating FN. I saw many blogs that had pictures and saw how much they enhanced the blog and I asked IB4E and he sent me a detailed instruction sheet on how to do that.

I currently have 76 blogs (make that 77), I have 117 friends, 1836 comments and I am 0-1 in TD's (that's another blog altogether). Sometimes you never know what little thing you say, can make someone laugh or smile.  I would like to thank just a few others that have made this trip insane, amasing, nutty, funny, laughable, happy, unforgettable, and most of all a pleasure!!!!!!

KP...RSB...CCC...EPOCH1...Lady's Coach Belicat....Becca...Ohio#88...Anthony e....Tracy00214...OSO's Polar Posse.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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