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  *Note:  These are all pending that the same players and coaches will be at the helm next season due to length of contracts, signing bonuses, and salary cap.  These possible solutions will also be connected to each other.


1.  Jerry Jones needs to stop being a Steinbrenner or Al Davis wanna be.  The Cowboys are already the most watched and exposed team, so stop marketing/promoting the team like if it is the only game in town.  No more "Hard Knocks" or stadium celebrations that only motivate teams to play harder against the Cowboys and cause team distractions.  The celebration of Texas Stadium after the finale should have never been scheduled for after the game.  Instead, it should have been a pre-game or half time celebration because this only showed the team's arrogance.  The best promoting tool for any team are Super Bowl championships and his television show needs to be canceled.  I never compared Jerry Jones to be like Al Davis until he stated that he fired Chan Gailey after two seasons was a mistake because this was his worst hire as an owner of the Cowboys.  Finally, it was bad decision to keep Wade Phillips, but it would be worse to fire him now after he was so adamant about it.  It would be deemed to be a complete lack of class to do so just to hire Shanahan or any other coach and this is almost to the level of when he fired Tom Laundry. 

2.  I believe that Wade Phillips was sincere when he stated that he was going to change his coaching approach during his press conference on Monday following the Eagles game.  If a person doesn't change in any profession or craft, or doesn't have a philosophy that is flexible than that person will become fossilized or is doomed for failure.  This season's failure to reach the playoffs began when Romo and Witten took that trip to Mexico when the playoffs began and the Cowboys earned that by week.  Both players should have been fined $100,000 for being so reckless and not realizing the dangers that occur in Mexico on a daily basis.  Phillips needs to make off-season and practices competitive and challenging in order to have the team perform better during pressure situations.  Needs to hold players accountable to every small detail, so that they are prepared for each game and not to have any confusion.  And to never, never allow Romo to wave him off again like if Romo has won Super Bowl championships and allow for Romo to run plays that are drawn on the ground.

3.  Jason Garrett needs to close the door on his "open-door policy", and needs to call a balanced attack for keeping defenses unbalanced and not for the sake of being balanced.  A balance attack will also allow for Romo's arm to be strong at the end of the season and/or an emphasis on the run for the first 1/4 or 1/3 of the season will help him keep the zip on his throws in December.  Both Garrett and Phillips need to take away Romo's responsibilities, so that Romo can be a better quarterback. Garrett needs to utilize routes that Roy Williams is most successful with. 

4.  Garrett and Phillips should take away from Romo are the audible and blocking schemes adjustments at the line of scrimmage.  These are too much for Romo to handle and this is evident when the play clock continues to go down to zero on each play.  This takes away the advantage the offensive line of knowing when the ball is snapped and gives to the defense.

5.  Romo needs to become a football guy.  In other words, he needs to eat, sleep, and drink football.  He continues to repeat the same mistakes over and over.  Romo doesn't throw the ball away when he is being chased out of the pocket, and then he is stripped from behind for a fumble and continues to throw the ball into double and triple coverage.  Football is a game, but it's also a business.  After the loss to the Eagles, Romo stated that football is fun and this is the reason he plays.  Romo needs to realize that he gets paid over 60 million to win and not to have fun.  Tony Romo needs to appear more in sports related periodicals, sports channels, and websites than on TMZ or any tabloid media outlet.  A football guy wouldn't consider himself a celebrity which is one of Parcell's quarterback commandments that Romo continues to break.  Phillips and Jones should follow Parcells' cue. For example, Jason Taylor wanted to compete in "Dancing with the Stars", so Parcells traded him to the Redskins.  If Romo wants to spend time on TMZ or try to qualify for the U.S. Open than Phillips and Jones need to learn from Parcells.  Romo needs to understand that he is the quarterback of the most high-profile team in football and that Cowboy fans are very passionate about their team and players.  He needs to care about the perception that the fans have about him.

6.  If Romo was meeting with Witten to design on-the-ground plays than they need to do a better job of being on the same page.  There were too many times during the season that they didn't connect.  Romo needs to get with all of his receivers and get acquainted with all of them this and on every off-season.

7.  T.O. is more like a Jeckle & Hyde or bi-polar type character.  One year he is crying on a post-game press conference in order to bring attention to himself to save Romo from being criticized over his trip to Mexico and performance against the Giants.  The next year he is criticizing the offense and the coordinator because his numbers are not the same as in the past.  Owens is still a very good receiver even though he is 35 and his best years are behind him now, so he needs to be less outspoken than in the past. 

8.  There will be one change for next year for sure and that is the special teams coach.  Whoever he is, he needs to make every session challenging and for players to challenge any little thing.  Not a single field goal was challenged throughout the entire season no matter the distance and a fake field goal was executed by the Ravens considering that nobody was rushing to block the field goal.  This is the type of mentality that spread throughout the team.  No one challenged and no one responded to a challenge. 

9.  Alex Smith will probably become a free agent and could be acquired to back-up Romo or even become the starter.  Smith's best season was under Norv Turner as his coordinator and he had Antonio Bryant as one of his receivers.  Garrett's offense is similar to Turner's, so Smith can easily become acclimated.  Chris Simms can probably be the 3rd string quarterback because Bollinger couldn't even beat out Jackson and Frerote in Minnesota.  The Cowboys also need to acquire two Super Bowl winning veterans for each side of the ball that have several years left in the tank.  Someone like Charles Haley who can go crazy for not winning a game that should be won and who can shut outspoken players' mouths.

10.  Finally, Jerry Jones has paid or overpaid each player very well to have nothing in return from most of them with the exception of DeMarcus Ware.  Each player needs to hold himself accountable; otherwise there will be another stellar season like Ware's that goes down the drain.  Learn how to become a professional by eliminating foolish mistakes like dropped passes, penalties, and turnovers.


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