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Lets recap what happened last week; as some thought the Cards were who we didn't think they were, as they played the sleeper after winning the division and showed that they could play their starters and rest them at the same time. The Chargers did, as I called it, shock the nation as they stunned the red hot Colts and stayed alive to fight a nother day. Then the Ravens came to town to play the Dolphins and it was a good game despite the 5 picks and one for a td; the Phins were right in the mix till, well a fumble that went back like a country mile and left the Dolphins on the side of the road as well, as the Ravens led by Flacco continued their playoff run. The final game of the week saw the Eagles keep their playoff dreams alive and hold of the clock from striking midnight for one more week. This week we have replays in week 5 the Ravens fell to the Titans, in week 8 the Cards fell to the Panthers, in week 11 the Chargers lost by one to the Steelers, and in week 14 Philly started its playoff run with a win over the Giants. Do these games from the past hold a key to the future?

 Baltimore at Tennessee

With an impressive win over the Dolphins the Ravens, mostly due to their defense, can they do the same to the Titans? The Titans are the top seed and the last time the Titans were tops, back in 2000, the Ravens came in to town and took the Titans to the wood shed. This time around the Ravens are a little older the Titans a little younger and both sport a good defense. The Titans have a good/great running game and Collins has proven him self a diamond in the rough. The Ravens have the ability to shut down the run game and with ball hawk Ed Reed flying around the air game could turn ugly. I won't mention the last time Collins played the Ravens in the post season his Giants lost the Super Bowl. I do believe the Ravens will win.

Arizona at Carolina

The Cards showed that they do belong in the playoffs and they are ready to end the stigma that has been their shadow, the Panthers have been down this road not to long a go and they remember that it's a bitter sweet road and they would like to give the Cards that bitter good by. The Panthers win this game.

Philadelphia at NY Giants

When last these team did battle the Eagles came out on top, the Giants are still the team to beat and if you are of the logic that to be the man you have to beat the man then were dose that leave the Browns, and the Cowboys. The Eagles won't go quietly in to the mid after noon, the Eagles are perhaps one of the most dangerous teams next to the Charges in the fact that they should not be here. Is destiny going to deal the Eagles a good hand or will the cards be stacked in favor of the Super Bowl champs. The Giants squeak out a win.

San Diego at Pittsburgh

The Chargers proved that they were white hot as they took on the red hot Colts last week, this week they take on another team that they play well. This is nothing new to both teams as both have been in the playoff. The Chargers have a huge chip on their shoulders they know they are way better that their record show perhaps 3-5 wins better. The Steelers are a team not to be taken lightly, and would like to remind people they won Super Bowl XL. This game goes to the Chargers.

These are my picks for this weekend Divisional Round let me know what you think.


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