Muddy Water - SJ Sharks

Ok SharksFAN.  I know you are out there.  I see you at the pavillion.  I catch glimpses of Teal amid a sea of black and silver raiders crap slapped on trucks and crappy cars on the highways of the bay area.  So gather round.  I scour the web ever day looking for something, anything on this team and its like looking into a great big empty mind numbing black hole of Raiders fans and Baseball insanity.  I know there is great joy to be found following baseball pitchers who play 12 games and get paid 100s of millions. Right? thats awesome right?  Yeah, not here, somewhere, but not here.... 

SO, if nothing else I will talk to myself about NHL and maybe, someday someone will hear.  And we will meet and run through grassy fields parking lots in the bay area and scream or cry or laugh and laugh as our team slams into the first round of the playoffs and sinks?  Squeaks through?  Plows over our enemies to a good nights sleep?  Who knows...Sharkie knows...and that is what keeps us coming back 82 nights a year.

 Here is what is running round my head as the team scrambles round the ice.  Here is what we, me and myself for now, will chew over...

 Joe Thornton = Fools Gold! yep this will be fun if my anger doesn't overwhelm me and cause me to throw my sweet wireless keyboard out a window.

Sharks new puck moving shoot first system is sweet but half way through the season we look exactly like we did 1 year ago...and that sucks.  PS.  Brian Campbell, nice move but Dan Boyle is yer daddy.  He crosses people up like a street baller.  Its SICK.

 Captain Marleau is back looking good in Black Armour but too often disappears (till the PK - dear hockey gods, please keep us on the PK so Grier has more room to stumble around and open up space with his great bear-like body and skating for the captain to break away short beautiful.)

just like cheechoo - how bout setting him up again in space near the net?  

and Seto- and so on - and on and on...

 I intend to silently scream into the nothingness of the internet and ask why, oh why does Drew Remenda (who is the best by the way) have a blind spot for big Joe?  Neutral zone turnovers kill, no, KILL, the momentum for this team and the number one perpatrator...yep mister Big Play himself...

 Big Joe will get some more from me when I have more time.  Some other thoughts to come up in future ranting formats:

Nabokov and the great gaping five hole dilemma. To close or not? Lately, why bother!

Anyone miss body checking?  Just for the record, planting yourself and letting an opponent bounce off is pretty cool...yes you mr Murray...but squishing a duck between you and the boards is even better and may cause them to snap like the sick crazies they really are.  Then they take penalties...then Joe can sit on the puck in the corner.  (Dear Western Conference, please hit big Joe.  A slash on the hands is nice.  Dump him away from the puck behind the net...cuz when you piss off that sleeping dog this team gets nasty.  Those 30 seconds sleepy joe wakes up and starts chucking his weight around are the sweetest in sport and often lead to G O A L ! )

 Clowe is the missing link and was the missing link last year but now he's back and it appears others were only so much smoke and mirror while he is cash money.

 New coaches are solid.  Just don't interview that guy from the video room anymore.  It costs me 13 seconds of my life that I just can't do without.  The idea is nice but its becoming old already.

All star madness.  Those are really the starting lineups? REALLY?  Joe Thornton in instead of Marleau?  R E A L L Y ? -sigh-

 Finally my bias:

 I loved the NBA till I grew up.  I am passionate about the NFL but I moved back to the U S of A and realized these dudes swagger but it is such a blown up hype show you often forget how sad the product really is.  And can you really put up with HOURS of commercials and kindergarten commentary?  If you read the beginning you know I prefer red ants on the genitals to baseball.   I lived in Colorado, Texas, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and currently San Jose.  So I have seen up close, teams from many sports, the local media coverage and the quality of the fan base.

 I love the sharks but they usually make me want to punch myself in the face.

see you next time.

Go Sharks!


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