Come on, read know you want to...

How do you get a squirrel to come up to you in the park?  Do you clap your hands and call them over....or do you hold out the food and softly call to them?  Well, I'd say the answer is simple.  Nobody ever got a timid creature to do what they wanted by yelling at them.  Heck, forget timid.  My horse will **** and run away if I raise my voice; but she'll do anything I want if I take my time and stay gentle. 

Now, let me ask you.....what if you were trying to TRAP the squirrel?  Wouldn't you want everything to be perfect and peaceful for them....right up til the trap was sprung?  Of course you would.  I can't count the number of times an animal I was trying to trap (squirrel, rabbit, mouse, etc) got spooked at the last second and ran away.

OK Jim....err I mean Gruden....what the heck does this have to do with poker?  How does you beating a live horse related to playing a frigging card game?  Well that is the subject of today's blog.  How to read and recognize that trap.

I'm not going to give you everything here.  In fact, I'm just going to talk about one thing.  I'm not going to do ALL your work for you on the subject.  And I'm talking about live games here, not online.  You'll see why.

So you're in a game, and a player makes a big bet into the pot.  In doing so he loudly makes the move.  He either speaks the raise loudly, or he just slams the chips down on the table. 

 Or, you're in a game, and a player smoothly puts in the same bet, but stacks the chips neatly in front of him, and pushes them into the middle....maybe not even saying a word.

You MUST call one of these bets.  Which will it be?  You have 30 seconds before I call clock.

OK, I'm back.  Had to get a cup of coffee.  So what did you decide?  If you are me, or if you read and understood the first part of this blog, you called the first guy, and folded rather quickly to the second guy.

On the first bet, the guy was obviously making a show of the bet, and I would honestly read that as an attempt to scare me away.  When people beg me to fold, I normally read that as weakness.  On the second bet, its just the opposite.  He's making no extra movements or sounds, and clearly doesn't want to **** me.

I could be wrong in these reads, but that's why you play the game.  For example, two people comment on here frequently that this does not apply to.  One of them makes the same challenging bet whether he has Quad Aces or 2-7 offsuit.  The other makes the same gentle bet every time, again, whether Aces or crap.  So I play them differently than most people.

Meanwhile, a third frequent commenter to the blog fits this to a tee.  If he loudly makes any action, I know he's as weak as this coffee I just got. 

So that's it for today.  Don't just pay attention to what you have, or what the other person bets.  Pay attention to HOW they bet.  If you make better reads, you can make more hero calls.



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