Let me start by saying that there has never been an official NCAA Division 1A football national champion recognized and crowned by the NCAA. Let me repeat that for you --- The NCAA has never in its history crowned a national Division 1A football champion -- Never. The NCAA does not sponsor nor does it recognize the BCS - that is a corporate championship played for television and its sponsors.  Division 1A football is the only NCAA sport where this statement can be made - where there is no champion.  It is ironic that   the NCAA's major sport is in this predicament and it short changes college football fans everywhere; it is shameful; and it is all about NCAA and major college GREED.

 Because of this travesty, fans across the country will be deprived of seeing what may very well be the greatest college football team in the history of the NCAA -- Boise State.  Nobody from the major college football divisions want any part of them --- not Auburn (where a matchup could determinie the Heisman); and certainly not TCU who Boise State demolished in January of this year; and not Oregon, the West Coast pretender, who would be made to look like a high school team against Boise State's defense. 

 Besides college greed, the prime culprit in this BCS fiasco is the Coaches Poll

I could list dozens of reasons why the BCS " National Champion" crowned each year in college football is a joke, but I want to focus on just one element that goes into the final BCS Rankings - that being the Coaches Top 25 Poll.  The Coaches poll is rigged, pre-determined, fixed, irrelevant - you label it, it fits, and it should be abolished.  For starters, Coaches given a vote are bound by a "contract" to only give a #1 ranking to one of the two contestants in the BCS Championship Game -- they are precluded from giving any consideration for #1 to any other team REGARDLESS OF WHAT HAPPENS IN THE FINAL GAME. This is absurd, especially where the two contenders in the BCS Championship Game did not "earn" their way in - they were "calculated in" by a formula comprised of human biased input and a very large IBM computer named "Leroy" who sits in the shadows of a large room on the 10th floor of a non descript metal building, and who never watches a football game or talks to players, coaches or media.  The Coaches Poll is a laugh and a half with there "Voting Parameter Rules".  It is high time to scrap the BCS and all the polls altogether and do this like every other NCAA sport played - have a playoff.   It is a shameful testament to the greed chased by all Athletic Directors and College and University Presidents throughout America that "There has never ever been a NCAA recognized or crowned Division 1A National Football Champion in the history of the NCAA.  The NCAA, for all its rules, pomp, and arrogance, has never once sponsored, sanctioned, or recognized the BCS Final Game as an official NCAA Championship (and it shouldn't) and therefore has never recognized a champion.   This situation is disgraceful.  And even more disgusting is the reason behind this sorry circumstance --- GREED.


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