0 fav time of year is officially over, & I will be a little down for awhile!  It's just that every season I am reminded of seasons past....& all the GREAT memories (& not so great ones) that I've shared with friends & family....some of whom are no longer with us!!

 I am reminded of my Grandparents who were married over 50 years.....but still every year on the day that USC played Notre Dame....never said a word to each other!!  They called it "no-speak" day......simply because they were 100% Irish - my grandma could not bring herself to root against the Irish.....& grandpa- a die-hard SC man.....could not root against SC!!   The legends that exist in our family about the many events that occurred on nospeak days are hilarious!!

 I can still see my Grandpa running around the living room after every TD....singing the fight song .......with his fingers in a "V"....pretending to be our very own Traveler!!  With him no longer with 60 year old mother takes over for him....& now my 3 year old daughter follows suit in her SC clothes & pompom!!

 There is something about College Football.....the history.......the heart...the memories....the rivalries (although some seem to take them a little to far these days!).....the Traditions.....          .....this sport & its seasons have brought 4 generations of my family together....through the good times & the heart-wrenching ones......every major event in my life has been marked by what happened in college football that year!!  We are a fannatic family!!!

 All in all.....Congrats to all teams!  Win or lose........ the heartaches get better with time....& hey...there is always next season!   We can only hope that next season will have as much exciting times as there were this season!!  The Utes......WOW!!  Pat White.....AMAZING!!!    Texas Tech beating Texas in the final secs.....what a heartpounder!!!   Those damn Beavers kicked our **** AGAIN in their home!!   The pac-10 looked dismal during the season....but somehow got 5 bowl bids & won all!!!  Buffallo......GREAT...too bad they lost their bowl game....but watch out for them & Turner Gil next year......Auburn may be sorry!!!   and finally Tebow & Bradford were GOOD....but both of those defenses in the 1st half....INCREDIBLE!!

My hope for next season is that some fans will stop hating me...simply because they HATE my team!   I mean 3 Generations before me chose the Trojans...I was born into the family......raised in the culture.......& fed the love of the game!!!!!!!   Rivalries are a essential part of the game.....but there is some HATRED out there that is simply uncalled for!  I have faith that those people simply are still heartbroken about something......& simply need to let it go!!  Get back to why you LOVE your team...instead of why you HATE others..or anyone who even thinks of rooting for them!   Get back to the Traditions & memories you have of your family.....& why you love the game!  Sure...sometimes it isnt fair........but dont let it ruin the foundation of what the game has been about!!  



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