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This will be my first blog in a really long time, for FanNations Greatest College Football Fans.  I apologize to everyone for that, I just never go to writing one, until now. 

The bowl season over, it's a bittersweet time for all of us college football fans.  It's especially bittersweet for all of us Big Ten fans.  After an overall poor bowl performance the conference once again did nothing to dispell the national perception of the conference as a whole.

Let's take a look at each team within the conference and their bowl match up...

Iowa vs South Carolina- Iowa won because to be completely honest here, South Carolina was need a QB who doesn't turn the ball the way So. Carolina did.  

Michigan State vs. Georgia- I was worried that Georgia wouldn't be focused heading into this one, after their disappointing year.  But the Spartans highly overachieved this year, so I think they did well in that respect.

Penn State vs. USC- Let's be honest..not many people would have beaten USC at the Rose Bowl the way they played.  

Ohio State vs Texas- Texas was hungry to prove a point.  Ohio State played them well, but a great closing minute play(so to the Buckeye fans I know here) by the Longhorns.  

Minnesota vs Kansas- It really seemed like Minnesota was in a bit offensive flux based on everything that I heard about the game, I was unable to watch it..darn you NFL Network..anyways.  Minnesota was essentially changing offensive their offensive identity heading into a bowl game..I always think you need to do the things that got you there.

Northwestern vs Missouri- Northwestern just seemed to fall apart at the end.  I give it up to Missouri, they made the plays at the end. 

Wisconsin vs Florida State- Ahh yes, my beloved Badgers.  Well, we lost because because of our inept passing game.  If you look at all of the Badger message boards out there no one wants to see Dustin Sherer as our quarterback next year..I'm in that very vocal majority. However, the run game did look very good.  

Now, that leads me to what lead to the overall struggles of the conference.  I thoughts about this long and hard.  A lot of the Big Ten people on the site can debate on this if they want to, but I think the conference as a whole struggled this year, because quarterback play within the conference was mediocre.  With the exception of Daryll Clark and occasionally Terrelle Pryor..who both had their moments of being pretty exceptional..even Ricky Stanzi sometimes was pretty good.  But, all of the other quarterbacks in conference...were pretty bad at times.  Well, that's all I've got for now.


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