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The Pittsburgh Steelers host the San Diego Chargers for an AFC Divisional Playoff Game this Sunday @ 4:45pm EST on CBS.  This will be the Steelers 2nd straight post-season appearance & are fresh off a bye week having clinched the AFC North Division.  Meanwhile, the Chargers are flying high with an impressive victory last week against Peyton Manning's Colts.  Destined to become a true NFL "blood-bath" to the bitter end.

Quick Hitz: 

Steel Offense:

Lead by QB, Ben Roethlisberger: Has recovered 100% following a mild concussion suffered two sundays ago.  Radiates grit, determination & toughness.  Escapability & confidence factor high on the list of talent.  Will be ready.

Willie Parker, RB:  Gave the fans a glimpse of what is to follow during the Steelers victory vs. the Brownies.  There he rushed for 115yrds & 1 TD.  No longer requires to wear a shoulder harness & is virtually 100% physically.  Look for him having a big day...

Mewelde Moore & Gary Russell, RB's:  Have proven time & again over the regular season that they are true Men of Steel.  Russell scoring yet another 3rd down TD against the Brownies.  Moore rushing good on the flat & rumbling for hard-nosed short yardage gains.  Both backs giving full compliment to the skills of Fast Willie Parker.

Steel D:

The NFL's Top Ranked D.  Have averaged 13.8 PPG during  the regular season, which is also best in the NFL.  Create an illusion of pressure the entire game & are exotic in every aspect.  Possibly the best defense the Steel City has ever set eyes on...

Lead by LB, James Harrison:  Rags to riches background.  Named the "NFL AP Defensive Player of the Year".  A bone-crushing 16 sacks on the season.  Pro Bowl  bound...  No wonder he is often referred to by teammates as "The Silverback".   Lookout Rivers.....

Troy Polamalu, SS:  Words can't describe the play this athlete has given to the Burgh.  Pro Bowler... Everywhere on the field.  Adrenaline through your veins.  Electric.....

Complimented by: LaMarr Woodley(LB), Larry Foote(LB), James Farrior(Pro Bowl LB) & Timmons(LB).  Completes the Steel Curtain... 

Supa-Chargers Offense:

Likes to push the envelope alot.  Prefer to send their WR's downfield quite a bit, but are not very succesful... Also prefer to play in the warm sunny weather of the west coast...

Lead by QB, Philip Rivers:  Out of the same years draft as Big Ben.  Is an oppertunist.  Possibly the highest rated QB in this moment of time.  Never leaves the safety of his pocket, but has a rocket for an arm...  Must be pressured relentlessly @ all costs by the Steel D...

LT - Premier RB.  Highly unlikely to start due to a seperated tendon in his groin.  Yet, if he does suit up, has never rushed for more than 100yrds vs. the Men of Steel in a single game. 

Darren Sproles, RB:  Gave himself a name vs. last weeks win against the Colts.  Stands @ only 5'6", but has true speed on the turf.  A RB w/ an ability to cut on a dime...  Nicknamed the "Lightnin Bug" by the San Diego media.  Will be a star in the future, but not this week against the physicality of the Steel D.   

Antonio Gates, TE:  Loves the Burgh.  Moves all over the field as a slot, WR, FB & TE...  Suffering from both high & low ankle sprains, but is expected to play.  Had a total of 8 receptions last week even while injured.  The man is amazing...  Gotta shut him down.....

Vincent Jackson, WR:  Recently arrested on the alleged suspicion of DUI last tuesday.  Leads the team in total reception yards w/  over a whopping 1000yrds.  The man ain't no joke.  Must be contained if active this week.....

Supa-Boltz D:

Playing as well as any other D in the NFL.  Like to run exotic blitz packages.  Lack in the ability to stop the run...

Absent one primetime LB, Shawne Merriman.  Has become more of a TV Sports Host in recent weeks.  Oozes talent.  Huge loss for the Supa-Lightning Boltz. 

Keep an eye on  DT, Jamal Williams: Product of Oklahoma State.  Is big @ 6'3" & 348lbs...  Must be blocked by the Steel D...  He's dangerous.....

Final Thoughts: 

The Supa-Dupa-Boltz are a formidable opponent for the Men of Steel..  The cross- country trip & climate factors will play a roll...  The Supa-Bolts won't be able to rush downfield effectively...  Sproles will be shut down...  Rivers will experience utter confusion...  A defense like that of the Steelers only comes around once in a lifetime...  As long as Big Ben & the Steelers can keep ahold of the rock without creating turnovers, the Steel City will experience a berth into a spot for the AFC Division Title Match-Up.....  Black n' Gold!!!!!




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