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Does it seem like the predictable end every time Oklahoma goes to a big game?? They always have one of the most talented teams in College Football, they are always scoring big points and Ole Bob always has a big mouth, yes 0-5 in your last 5 BCS Games makes you worse off than Ohio State because you have been better than Ohio State, can we really play no defense in the Big 12?? USC should have played in  that game, we should have just known that Stoops is a fine regular season coach and cant coach the postseason to save his life. Stoops doesnt have to pretend to be a good ole' boy he never has shown that, your the record holder in points for bad sportsmanship scoring 60 in five strait because your startes were still in with 3 minutes to go while your calling timeouts and running a hurry up offense the games so well in hand that the 07'  Patriots couldnt come back, but you kept pouring it on.Thats not teaching your kids good ethics Bob. I especially love how stoops lets his players talk smack about the other team to the media the week before, real classy Stoopsies, and everytime they run there mouths they get kicked in the face in front of the National spotlight, Stoopsies.


Alabama fans... Stop making excuses for your throttleing against Utah, I don't want to hear how you had two linemen hurt or Nick Saban make uncharacteristically unclassy remarks regarding it, you got out coached and outplayed by a team you probly should have beat, you had the bigger team physically and should have had that SEC speed, you can make excuses over a few points, but you got absalutely dominated.


I love the system that the BCS uses how the coaches have to vote for the National Championship winner number one, than why vote???

Will the Big 10 Please be a better confererence next year  so they can actualy send some talent to the big games, what happened here, I think Michigan is done for a while but with this Terrell Pryor kid look out for Ohio State next year if he can develop his passing just  a little. The other Big 10 Teams should be back in the mix next season.

The Big 12 North needs to prove that it doesnt belong in the MAC this is getting old someone should tell Mike Leach that if you want noteriety in saying you should have played in the big games, dont Boycott your Bowl game the way you did, show up and go out strong. 

Does the end result of this season with Texas USC Utah and many more contenders put us closer to the playoff or just the same???


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