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   Having survived the final huge multi-game weekend of the 2008 season, a few thoughts:

   * As a Patriots fan, I'm not sure whether i should be proud that my team pummeled a potential Super Bowl participant by 40 points, or disgusted that a potential Super Bowl participant is still eligible for the big one after perhaps the NFL's weakest phone job of the season last month in the snow at Foxboro.

   * Then again, a Carolina fan is entitled to be even more disgusted by Jake Delhomme turning into Johnny Self-Destruct against the same Cardinal defense virtual rookie Matt Cassel shredded under conditions unfit for throwing the ball.

   * Wonder if Edgerrin James still wants out of Arizona? Ken Whisenhunt gave his squeaky wheel a little grease, and his team has gone from playoff fraud to well-oiled machine.

   * Sorry, Tennessee, don't want to hear about Chris Johnson's injury or the play clock. You guys almost doubled Baltimore's yardage, but fluffed scoring opportunities. If you had taken a lead into the fourth quarter, you might not have run up against Kerry Collins' limitations.

   * And as for you New Yorkers, stow the excuses about Plaxico Burress. It's not like Eli Manning is lacking in offensive weapons. Good thing he has those four playoff games last year, because he doesn't have much to show for this year.

   * I'm still having trouble believing Philly could strut into the Meadowlands and punk the world champions twice. Did the Giants start believing the hype when they hit 10-1 or so?

   * I'd love to be in Andy Reid's shoes right now. Prime candidate for firing at 5-5-1 after a season of fourth-down mishaps and a benching of Donovan McNabb. Instead, they've delivered two straight bullyings on the road, and will probably be favored for a third next Sunday. Two #6 seeds in the Super Bowl?

   * Just when I was ready to park the Ravens in the Super Bowl...the Pittsburgh offense wakes up. I've never seen an NFL team held to one offensive play in a quarter like San Diego was in the third quarter today. Willie Parker was dominating, and Ben Roethlisberger looked like his concussion had some kind of crazy beneficial effect.

   * It was nice to see a BCS championship game worthy of the term. In the end, Florida just had a little too much running game for Oklahoma, with Percy Harvin as Mr. Outside and Tim Tebow as Mr. Inside - the Gators remained patient with it after a disappointing first half. Note to the Oklahoma trap-yappers: maybe the AFL really have five quarterbacks better than Earl Morrall in 1968 as Joe Namath's pals insisted, but making a similar between Tebow's unique, shall we say, skill set, and the Big 12's gunslingers doesn't work in today's game.

   * And finally, can we have a moritorium, both NFL and NCAA, on written stickies below players' eyes? Use cork - be old-school, not tacky, like Tebow was with the "John 3:16" (even if he played like an advocate of "Austin 3:16"). Sorry Tim, you're just God's yappy dog - Pope Benedict XVI has "God's Rottweiler" trademarked already.


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