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We all know the story about Tim Tebow and how he led my Florida Gators to yet another BCS National Championship and AP National Title. And, we all know about how he was greated by the crowd at the Swamp when he announced he will return for another season. Many people have either said he will be a NFL legend, or a NFL legendary flop. Well, I am here to set the record straight.

 Tebow will not be a flop in the NFL. However, he will not be great either. Why do I say this? In order to flop in the NFL, scouts and coaches expect great things from you. Case and point, Ryan Leaf. With everything I have heard over the past few days, Tebow does not have whay it takes to be great in the NFL (at the moment; things can change depending on next year's performance).  In order to be great in the NFL, you have to have the ability to pass the ball down the field and read the defense while sitting in the pocket. Now, I'm am not one who can play quarterback at the college level, but both interception Tebow threw were awful reads. The first one, the Oklahoma safety was sitting there reading Tebow's eyes. I knew it was picked as soon as he threw it. The second one, well, if you can't see a 270+ defensive tackle in front of your receiver, then you need to go see an optometrist and forget about ever playing another snap at quarterback.

Take Mike Vick for an example (I would use Vince Young, but he still has time to prove himself). Great college quarterback for Virgina Tech University. But, he was a run first, pass second quarterback. Those days in the NFL have been over since the legalization of the forward pass. NFL teams cannot win with a running quarterback. And that is what Tebow is.

I know and I see that Tebow has a great arm. He proved that in high school setting all types of Florida High School records. But, I do not think he has enough faith in his arm to launch one down field against a really good secondary. Nor do I think that Urban Meyer has enough faith in his arm to call such a play. You do it a couple of times a game to keep the defense honest, but other than that, Meyer would not be calling it.

Can Tebow be successful at the next level. Maybe. If he falls into the right NFL system, and learns to pass before he runs during his senior year, then he may be successful. But unless Tebow throws for 6,000 yards against the SEC defense with 50 touchdowns, while gaining only 100 or so yards on the ground, he will not be a highly scouted quarterback that a team can look forward to in a year. Superman may be able to leap building in a sinle bound, but Tebow won't be leaping over any NFL linebackers without a headache.


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