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I'm not forgetting yesterday's post concerning A-K.  I'm just saving it til I get more than one response.   SO GO READ IT!

For today, a simple recap of the weekend's poker activities.   In short, I basically broke even, which isn't that bad of a thing.  The interesting part is how I broke even.

With that.....let us start with Friday.  I got a last minute invitation to a game on Friday night that I thought would be fun.  I was supposed to go up to Aurora for another game, but things happen and I wasn't able to make it.  I don't mind the Aurora game, but it can get a little crazy with a blind schedule that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.  The easiest way to describe it is that you can have 20 people there, and its still over in 3 and a half hours.  Its that crazy. 

But the game I went to was very good.  19 players, and solid play.....for the most part.  I did have one guy at the final table TEACH me that A-Q was statistically a better hand than I knew he wasn't exactly the greatest player in Colorado Springs.  I asked him to show me that book where he read that.....and he said "A very good player told me that".  So I asked him to PLEASE bring that player to the game next time, and tell him to bring extra cash. 

For those that like to see the numbers:  A-K suited beats A-Q suited over 69% of the time.  A-Q suited wins around 26%, and they tie with a straight or two pair with the ace the other 5%.  If the A-K is unsuited, it drops all the way down to only winning 67% of the time. 

So, I played that tournament down to the money, where we all chopped first, leaving $80 to play for.  At the final two, me and the other guy chopped it, so I walked out with $140 profit.  Nothing amazing, but winning is winning.

On a side note:  A regular reader here, who I've always had a pretty solid "no BS'ing with each other" thing with, put a monster bluff on me Friday night.  Now, don't get me wrong, bluffing is a part of the game.  I highly respect ANY winning bluff.  But then he rubbed it in by showing it.  I had him crushed, but I had folded.  For those of you out there that do the bluff to people you want to piss off.  Don't show it to your friends.  Just bad form.  I'm certainly not mad at him though, so don't misread that paragraph.  Like I said, I knew I was being bluffed when he did it.  But that close to the money was no time for a hero call with only an A-K high.  I thought it was just better to press on to the money, and since I chopped top money with one other person, I think it was the best decision to fold, even though I knew I was winning.  A seven on the river with my hero call would have crushed me in a hand I didn't need to call with.  I had plenty of chips.

And to this player:  GAME ON.  But in a very friendly way.

So on to Saturday.  A new game that I hadn't played before.  I had played at this house, but never in this series.  The game is basically 20-30 people playing a $30 tournament with unlimited rebuys for the first three 20-minute rounds.  I knew from the first card dealt that I could win money in this game, because immediately everyone started talking card odds and Vegas trips.  I've figured out over the years that when that happens, it is more of a "I'm so good" thing than it is anything else.  So I just sit back and listen, and refrain from correcting anything stupid I hear.  (Which, by the was, was a lot).

Well, I'd love to say I won it, but I didn't.  In fact, I invested all of my winnings from Friday night into rebuys here, just trying to get a feel for the game.  At one point, I look down to A-A, and move all in.  Its a rebuy, you're supposed to.  I get one caller, and then a girl at the table jumps out of her chair to yell "I'M ALL IN!"  Do we both have Aces?  LOL....NO!  The one caller shows A-Q, and the I'M ALL IN poker face turns over......Q-10.  Seriously.  She says its the best hand in poker.  And she proves it by flopping Q-10 for two pair.  I wait for the case Ace or the board to pair to show her how wrong she is, but I guess she wasn't because her Q-10 cracked the aces.   

Little news flash for you....but don't tell her:  She just overcame 80-20% odds, and did it against TWO superior hands.  She was an underdog to both of us.  80/20 to me, and nearly 70/30 to him.  Like I've said before, Aces get cracked sometimes.  But I still want her to do that EVERY time I have Aces.

Seeing this, and knowing I was better than her....and most of the table, I rebought.  And I rebought.  And I rebought a 3rd time.  $120 invested.  I call it an investment, because I guarantee over the course of the next few months I will earn it back, plus a whole bunch more. 

I really only made one bad play all night at this game, and that was when I flopped four to the straight, and called a reasonable sized bet.  Turns out the other guy had the same 4 to the flop, with a higher kicker in his hand, so even if I had hit I was calling a big bet to break even.  Not very bright, since I lost the hand. 

I finally fought my way back to bust out on the bubble though, so I did prove that I could outplay most of these folks.  And I busted out when I held the greatest hand in poker, Q-10 has to be, remember?  Anyway, I flopped a flush, moved all in, and was called by K-9 suited for a higher flush!  Otherwise I guarantee I was going to win the whole dang thing. 

One other hand, busted out my buddy AdamD (you see him comment here).  He also fought his way back from I believe one rebuy, and was definately down to a couple of hundred chips at one time, and he busted out one hand before me.  The Q-10 lady called his A-K all in with A-3.  Why not, right?  He lost.....of course.  He was a 66% to win at the time.  One lucky lady.

So I broke even, but I got to play in two new games, made a bunch of new friends, and found a game I know I can make money at in the long run this year. 

So there ya go, the weekend in a snapshot.  Please review yesterday's blog and add your comments on A-K.



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