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Well, here we go again. The hype is building in Pittsburgh and the surroundings.  The smell of the Lombardi trophy is gracing the air in the Steel City.  The B&G fans are out in force wearing their prized jerseys and waving their terrible towels.

 We are now 5 days from the 3rd game between the Ravens and the Steelers, this time for AFC supremacy.  Now for those of you that read with any regularity, you will note that I called, within one point, the final score of the Chargers game...now I may have missed wildly on some of the Stats.....but the ending was the same so I will do the same for this week.

 Below are my stats-estimate for the Steelers only and my final prediction. 

  Ben Roethlisberger:  Ben is going to be taking to the air in this game. Baltimore, next to the Steelers, has a BRUTAL run-stop and Ben will need to win this game in the air.  Short of a few break-aways on the ground, ben will need to throw for 250 Yards for this game to be won.

With that - My Projection is - 24/38  266 Yards and 2 Td's 1 Int.


Willi Parker/Mwelde Moore:  These 2 are going to need to get, even a little ground game going..  I dont see Willie racking up the yardage he did against the Chargers, obviously.  But the Goal Line is where these 2 will shine.  I will take Willie as the Premier Back in this game.

-Parker - 23 Rushes 75 Yards 1 TD.

-Moore - 7 Rushes - 20 yards 


Hines Ward/Santonio Holmes/Nate Washington:  These Boys should get the most work, Hines especially.  They will be called abon for the air-assault to work.  (Nate, PLEASE hold on to the ball!)

Ward: - 7 Receptions - 75 Yards 1 TD

Holmes - 5 Receptions - 55 Yards 

Washington - 4 Receptions - 35 Yards 1TD


and now for My X-Factor on the Offense....HEATH MILLER..

This guy is amazing yet sparingly used.  He doesnt drop balls, he is  abig TE that can punish the secondary for a few tough yards.  Heath will have to come up big in the game...

Miller: 4 Receptions 55 Yards - 1 TD


 Now for the teeter-totter pick as the most IMPORTANT aspect of the game is the Steelers O-Line.

 They had a GREAT game against San Diego. I havent seen Ben have that much time in the pocket in a LONG time....  Starks....I know I rag on you often, but HELL of a job on Sunday son..Hell of a job.   Keep it up.

 If ben can get 4 seconds in the pocket on 80% of throwing downs, we WILL win this game.  It will be left up to protection and what we can do with it.



Steelers Defense:

2 Sacks - 1 FF - 1 INT.






Final Prediction:

This will be a knock-em out game. These 2 teams are going to wage WAR on Sunday much to the delight of football fans nationwide.....The difference in this game will be the QB position.  Unflappable Flacco will show that he IS still a rookie and he will make mistakes.  Heinz Field is a very hard place to play, and the ravens know that........ The Homefield GIVES the steelers the Edge......and with that I see a Hard-Nosed game being played TO the END. It will be higher scoring than these 2 Clubs are used to........you heared it here.


 Steelers, with a late Touchdown Pull away.


Steelers 27 - Baltimore 20














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