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 Let's start with Baltimore. As a Dolphins fan I watched the Ravens confuse and dominate our young and inexperienced O line forcing Pennington into many uncharacteristic bad decisions. I do think the Titans let their game get away from them but I think you have to give Baltimore their due as they were responsible for the creating the turnovers. In the last decade it's become apparent how much more the defensive coaches seem to stress going after the ball as much as the ball carrier, the Ravens seems to have taken this to new heights. It always seems like the Ravens first defender is almost used for tying up the defender allowing others to flock to the ball itself. Love watching them play D! I think Kerry Collins played well, well enough to warrant a contract from the Titans. Tennessee will face a real dilemna this off season as i don't think Vince Young will take well to being the backup for another year.

    I think San Diego had a nice run but just flat out ran into a better team in Pittsburgh, it'll be interesting to see what happens with LT this off season as well as what they do with Sproles. I like the Steelers at home next week as well as hoisting the Lombardi in Tampa Bay, of the four teams left I think they are most complete in all three facets of the game. If they do in fact win it all I think the comparisons between Big Ben and Terry Bradshaw will start to be warranted,a QB who isn't mentioned amongst the tops in the league but has the rings to be involved in the conversation. Speaking of QB's, Carolina officially needs one. With one of the worst performances in recent memory Carolina will make it more difficult for the Vikings to acquire a QB. Both teams are built to win now and I have a feeling they will both look to add the best available veteran who is either on the block or a free agent.  

  Philly, wow is the word that comes to mind most. Regardless what side of the arguement you fall on since the benching of Mcnabb he has played lights out! I know there is plenty of talk of Donovon wanting out of Philly ( Deion Sanders ) but I think they will beat the Cards and lose to the Steelers in the Superbowl which will get McNabb a new contract. I think Philly will look at their team as being too close to let Mcnabb go elsewhere and rely on an unproven Kevin Kolb. I didn't think Arizona would beat the Falcons let alone go into Carolina and dominate the way they did, they too will find it hard to let Warner walk. I could see a scenario of signing Warner and possibly drafting a QB in the middle of the draft and looking to move Leinart.

     That's how I saw it and see it.


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