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     I guess it's time to start rooting for the Rangers again. Sure, they've gone 48 seasons without winning a playoff series (their entire existence) which is more than any other team, but let's face it, right now, they're our best hope. They're actually trying to build a good young team. They MIGHT be good in a couple years.

     That's more than you can say for the Mavs, who continue to go on a downward spiral that started with their collapse against Dwayne Wade and the Heat in the finals back in '06. Sure, they'll make the playoffs again this year. They might even win in the first round. But the Lakers, Hornets, and Spurs are all better than them. So that will probably be it.

     And the Cowboys? Ha. Haha. HAHAHAHAHAHA! They haven't won a single big game this year, unless you count that one against the Giants or that one against the Redskins. But when you consider that the Giants already knew they were playoff bound, and that the 'Skins were in the midst of a collapse of their own, those games don't seem quite so big. Neither do early season wins against the Browns and Packers, then toted as playoff contenders, now finishing off seasons much worse than that of the Cowboys. That win against the Bucs with Brad Johnson starting doesn't seem that impressive either, now that we've realized that they probably suck worse than we do (After starting 9-3, they lost all 4 games in December to go to miss the playoffs). I don't really expect them to turn things around next year either, because it looks like Wade Phillips, Terrell Owens, and Jerry Jones will all still be here. No matter what I once thought, I now see that this is probably not a good recipe for success.

     I don't watch hockey, and could care less about the Stars. Sorry, it's just not my sport. But I heard they kind of suck now too.

     So I believe that now is the best time to resume my chants of "Go Rangers!" that will be much appreciated as the team endures what will probably be one more losing season before things fall into place for them. Knowing the Rangers though, and the current state of all Dallas teams it seems, it could be much longer than that. But I'm prepared. I'll get pissed at the Mav's and scream at the Cowboys for incompetence and probably give up on them for awhile. They've had so many chances and just blown them. But I'll always love my Rangers because they've been doing this losing thing for longer than the others, but at least they're still trying. They may have no idea what they're doing sometimes, but they're still trying. One day they're gonna win it all. Until then, let the rooting begin...


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