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i thought hey we need to not just talk about college b-ball we need some on high school to. heres my list

1. John Wall- i am very familiar with raleigh and john wall this dude i know is the real deal. he is thinkging about all of these  schools SchoolInterest LevelOffer?Visit DateSigned LOI?BaylorMed InterestYesNone KansasMed InterestYes09/20/2008 MemphisMed InterestYes11/15/2008 Miami (Fl)Med InterestYesNone North Carolina StateMed InterestYesNone DukeLow InterestNoNone OregonLow InterestYes

 i really see him going to kansas because he would be the star there and when you think about it i see them pushing harder. i do though think he might go to the U. john is va very good ball handler but is not a good 3 ball shooter. he is fast and can dunk but he  cant shoot the midrange either. all in all though this is a talented kid.


2. Lance Stephenson is going to go to st johns. st johns got in late but lance will want to stay home but kansas and memphis are medium interest with him. this is a kid who went to the same school as sebastian telefair. he cant shoot mid range or change sppeds but he can shoot a good 3 ball he is a g/f which helps. as you can see though st johns is where he will most likelly go SchoolInterest LevelOffer?Visit DateSigned LOI?Saint John's (NY)High InterestYesNone KansasMed InterestYesNone MemphisMed Interesthe is good though at reallly facing the basket YesNone USCMed InterestYesNone KentuckyNo InterestYesNone

besides being tall he is a good finisher and slasher.


3. Renardo Sidney is one tough kid to judge. he is interested most in usc and arizona state according to heres his list SchoolInterest LevelOffer?Visit DateSigned LOI?Arizona StateHigh InterestYesNone USCHigh InterestYes09/13/2008 VirginiaMed InterestYesNone KentuckyLow InterestNoNone TexasLow InterestNoNone AlabamaNo InterestNoNone Mississippi StateNo InterestNoNone Ohio StateNo InterestNoNone 

From what i see i thinlk usc is where he goes. he is 260 lbs so he needs to slim down because he is only 6-9 so he would have to be a pf. a pf must run the floor and being chubby wont help. he can though create his own shot and post up so he would be good against smaller opponets.  if i had to bet on it though i bet he stays in cali and goes to usc.


4.Demarcus Cousins was commited to uab but he backed out so now teh likes of nc state and kansas st and washingotn are ready to unsoften his verbal. he is a good player who demands the attention he gets he is 6-9 so he could be a pf or center in college. he  blocks a lot of shots but is not aggresive enough and is not a defensive force. he is a very good player but to make it to the L he msut get more aggresive and shore up hsi perimiter game. i see him at uab with a green jersey next year.but heres his list  Interest LevelOffer?Visit DateSigned LOI?UABSoft VerbalYesNone Kansas StateMed InterestYesNone MemphisMed InterestYesNone North Carolina StateMed InterestYesNone Wake ForestMed InterestNoNone WashingtonMed InterestYesNone



5.Jamil Wilson is the last real studd here who is a 6-6 wing who can straight up fly. he is the most athletic and versatile thing out of racine wisconson since caron butler. i know thats huge to say but with the likes of michigan state and marquette after him its ffair to say he is one tremendous athlete. the problom is that with his lack of a perimiter game for a wing that will hurt him. he cant psot up either but he can finish he is kind of like a gerald greene just with more talent and upside jamil needs to get better at those 3 but he can play no wonder these schools love him so much  SchoolInterest LevelOffer?Visit DateSigned LOI?MarquetteHigh InterestYesNone Michigan StateHigh InterestYes10/04/2008 OregonMed InterestYesNone TexasMed InterestYesNone DukeLow InterestNoNone KentuckyLow InterestYesNone PurdueLow InterestYesNone

i see him though not ditching the cold and heading to michigan state.

6. Eric Bledsoe is a pass first shoot second pg. he has the likes of uab,alabama usf all in his reach AlabamaMed InterestYesNone BaylorMed InterestNoNone MemphisMed InterestNoNone South FloridaMed InterestYesNone UABMed InterestYesNone MississippiNo InterestYesNone South CarolinaNo InterestNoNone 

These are the schools he likes but when you are a finisher who knows your position and can create a play its hard to say  no to him. but a pg who cant shoot a 3 ball or be aggessive will ahve troubles. i think he can definelty play but is a matter of how hard he plays. he is though good at the midrange with a goood ft shot but without that precious 3 ball % to bakc it up schools wont be as freindly. all in all though i think he heads to alabama. must maybe though usf but they have dominic james.


7. number 7 on our list is DaShonte Riley out of DETROIT. he is a 6-10 center who was commited to g-town sound familliar. he is a monster on the boards and is a fierce shot blocker.but he is not a go to guy or aggressive and no pansy can play b-ball. he is though a good scorer and not a me first guy but sometimes thats needed. he is a team player but i thingk g-town is his best bet but he is not very interested in them anymore and i dont know if he would fit there way. i do like his ability to just snatch a reboudn from anyone. he can block shots like dwight howard. i think though out of these schools CaliforniaMed InterestYesNone LSUMed InterestYesNone MarquetteMed InterestYes01/10/2009