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Myspace Animated Graphics FlagsGraphicsSince PUCK BUNNIES is an educational site about hockey and its sub-cultures, I decided that it was time to have a Canadian Hockey Fan's look beyond Canada to America and the world to see how much our Canadian game has come and take a peek at where it may be headed in the future.

I feel that much of Hockey's more recent popularity around the world can be attributed to the growing popularity of one of its sub-cultures which in turn has brought the main event to the limelight.

Well, of course I could only be referring to the PUCK BUNNY sub-culture here.

Photo Credit By: Sharon

I was amazed by how wide spread it actually is as well as its enormous capability to bring new fans to the game. But seriously, this formula of hot looking babes within a sport viewed by men is so natural that it boggles the mind it took so long coming about.

All PUCKHEADS and PUCK BUNNIES members should be gratified to know that Baun-ded has been busy tirelessly scouring the globe for weeks to bring you today's educational blog.

So firstly, I would like to introduce some of you to some of the fascinating subject matter that makes up this culture around the world such as our Japanese Bunny above.

I've discovered that Bunnies can be found everywhere and come in all kind of looks, personalities and have been known to get up to mischief from the heat of the game sometimes.


Some of you might think that this sort of behaviour is down right outrageous.

Especially when some of these Bunnies get very excited just thinking about the game later that night...These types are said to be able to smell a hockey game coming!


Did one of you say, outrageous?

Yes, I thought so.

ON that note: We will take a quick commecial break.

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Oh yes, the naughty behaviour is not limited to North America in point below.

 Many are also very hard working though, a Bunny's life is not an easy one. They do have a job to do!

Bunnies also train hard to maintain their figures by spending hours in the gym.

Some never make it as Puck Bunnies...regardless if they are multi-talented or poor Tiffany here.

Simply click on the link and formulate your own opinion. OilerNHI is sold.

^Provided by special request from your friendly neighbourhood Britainite.


Bunnies at work...

Some Bunnies are actually quite famous...but still hard working.

Like Camen Electra for example...

Did someone just say..."Poker"

Personally I would be just as placated having her deal me a 'pair'.

Speaking of pairs, some are just your average, girl next door type of hockey fan.

Yes...just your average, run of the mill, plain Jane, girl next door...

Okay, maybe they can smell a game too...


We hope that this Puck Bunny invasion will curtail some players' questionable on ice behaviour too. But it just seems that it is always the same culprits...over & over again.

This sort of thing is rampant amoung the American & International Teams is seems.

But the Bunnies are positve and dedicated to their work.

Puck bunnies at work by Paul Nicholson.


As you can see it has paid off for others who get the ultimate prize...and become Puck Bunny wives. Like Brandy Blake, Angelica Bridges, Dina Arnott and Stacin Robitaille.

BUT BEWARE! alt and run like H-E-double hockey sticks LL.

BECAUSE...This is the ultimate goal of the Puck Bunny as seen below. So be forewarned future NHL stars...

They are hard wired to want to have one of these!


Or two! See full size image

or even more......

^ No self respecting hockey fan better be asking either...See full size image"Who are those guys?"

The more effective way to handle a Puck Bunny to avoid circumstances such as the ones above, is to simply let the Bunny think she is having her way, but then throw her a curve and "dump" or "dunk" her...IMMEDIATELY!

This method has proved most effective and simple to execute. You don't have to be a 'professional driver' to master it or even be a Chuck Norris.

Although, Chuck's method may also prove effective.

If you catch your own sweetheart taking too big an interest in HNIC without you, then you could always try the Sparta method...

It should be noted, that as cute and cuddly as a bunny can be, they are sheer animals, are extremely aggresive and prone to sexually deviant behaviour.

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But from the look of things, Puck Bunnies do come by it honestly afterall.

I was going to go a little further with this blog but I think due to the length I will reserve the other part of this blog for another day. However, on the subject of how I have seen the game and culture change I will provide you all with a sample.

And once again, no, I do not have Hockey on the brain 24/7 and feel Canada rules the world in this regard...


But there has definately been some 'subtle' changes to other sports with Hockey's ever increasing popularity.

Left Wing Lanes

The reports are coming in from all corners of the sporting world, even boxing may be saved. Clearly hockey tactics can liven up even the most boring of sports.