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When the clock reached Zero and the Arizona Cardinals won the game against the very tough Philadelphia Eagles, so many emotions ran through me. I leapt for joy and started screaming "We're going to the superbowl!! We're going to the superbowl!!" Ben started clapping. Ruben was cheering. Drew was smiling. And then I sat down and so many memories ran through my head.

As I sat in this surreal state, I pictured the many images over the years. Images of ridicule. I first started following the Cardinals in 93. Back in the Garrison Hearst days and Steve Beurlein days. The dismal years through Buddy Ryan. Player after player came and left. Losing season after losing season. Then memories of ridicule during middle school. Everyone was asked who their favorite teams were. Cowboys! Eagles! Steelers! 49ers! And when it came to me... Cardinals! I was taunted and laughed at. Cardinals?! They suck! Hahaha you suck and the Cardinals suck. Then through high school. Same result. Cardinals suck! Why do you wear the cardinals jersey?! During college. I would hear CARDINALS SUCK! TAKE THAT JERSEY OFF!

Year after year I heard that ****. But I stayed with my team. Why? I dunno, maybe because they were the under dog. Nobody believed in them. Everyone said they sucked. I felt drawn to them. Because I have felt that way before. Being ridiculed and bullied. But I always believed in the Cardinals. I saw something no one else did. Heart. I just new if the Cardinals were given their chance, it would be something special.

Flashback to 2002. My first Cardinals game at Sun Devil Stadium. Seeing about 10,000 Cardinals fans and 50,000 Packers fans. At home... but I went because I was with someone else who was a diehard. My brother. He instilled the love of the Cardinals in me. I wanted to be with my brother at every game, but we couldnt.

Then 2006 came around. New stadium. What did I get for christmas? My brother gave me season tickets to the Cardinals. It felt so awesome. The first time I stepped into University of Phoenix Stadium it felt... it felt... it felt divine. It was the most beautiful site my eyes have ever seen. And it was ours. Then I gave Ruben and Juan my other pair of season tickets so they could come with me. I didnt ask for anything in return. I just wanted my 2 best friends there with me to experience the joy I felt. And I think from that year I converted Ruben, who was already a Cardinals fan, into a diehard Cardinals fan. Juan was already a pretty big fan. But the experiences we felt together, the highs and lows, it was easier with my friends by my side.

All of this struck me as I sat on the couch. Then my eyes started to burn. The next thing I knew, tears were rolling down my face. I always believed in our Cardinals. I knew that if they just had the chance, they would prove everyone wrong. We shocked the world. We are in the Super Bowl.

I dont care if you are a new fan or an old fan. Everyone is welcome on this bandwagon IMO. Who knows, today's bandwagon fan could turn out to be tomorrow's die hard fan. And if their first Cardinals memory is them doing the impossible and making the SUper Bowl, then thats a great memory to start off with and tell their kids about.

I love this team. I can never love another team. GO CARDINALS!!!!!!!!!


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