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The Cowboys falll this year was great to me but i still thought to myself what do they need to get better. now i know i knew already at the start of the season athey needed both kinds of safties but then i found out and figured out wheres the offensive tackle on the left side. they only have a 2nd,4th and 5th not to mention to 7th rounders this year for the draft so i say they could have some trouble in the draft but here it goes.


With the 2nd round pick i would say they should and proballly welll draft either rashad johnson out of alabama or sean smith from utah[ironic i know.] i think though they will want rashad but sean will be the one to more likely fall. Sean is also better in my mind since he is more versatile playing safety and cornerback in college. he has a slow 40 though of 4.5,with a 6-3 built on  top of weighing 205 lbs perfect for there hard hitting safety styal. he had 45 tackles,9 passes passes broken up,2ff,5 picks a pick for a td in the sugar bowl and a partridge in a pair tree. i think that sean would be the best fit for a weak saftey core that could have coast them a playoff berth this year.


For the 4th round there is an absolutley perfect guy for the job here.Alex boone would be a good pick from osu but he ran a 5.32 40 but is 6-8 314 lbs. i think he is ok he was an all big 10 selection as a 1st teamer this year but i find him slow and not very agile perfect for the cowboys slow and beefy.i would say that they will draft alex but should get  augustus parrish out of kent state[ring any bellls] he is 6-6 318 lbs ran a 3.1 40 and is probally the msot agile kid in these parts of the board. he is quick and provides some mobility around the left side of the center as an og. i think though since alex boone is so ftall and wide taht the cowboys will get him just because thats there way.


The fifth round is tough to say for which saftey they should get. they willl get chip vaughn out of wake if smart he is 6-2,215 lbs, and has a 4.5 40 to his credit. he had 79 tackles 2 picks and 6 pass brake ups as a senior. he is nothing fancy and really provides some honest and hardworking work to his game. he proved doubeters wrong and i like his mobility. he could probally switch to ss or stay at fs or whatever was needed. he is a hardworking guy who has had a draft worthy year. i think the cowboys get him and respect him.


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