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first off this was bugging me all week and i finally decided who i though should be the all americans.


 Pg- Stephen Curry is the obvious choice with his team being 14-3 the only flaw with him is that he doesnt rebound well but he has 29.1 points per game best in the country and 6.3 apg which shows he really can play either position on the guards spot. a no brainer selection right here.

Sg- i know others want james harden will to bad. i have Jodie Meeks.  you get 54 against tennessee and have 25.7 ppg also shoting  44% from behind the arc plus get 1.5 steals nd 3.7 rpg your in.

Sf- i know luke harangody is a 'pf' but seriously he wont be that in the pros. heis numbers are amazing 24.8 ppg,1 bpg,12.9 rpg,2 apg,1.4 spg,and 30 % from behind the arc thats not a pf's stats thats a sf's stats. he does all this even with kyle mclararney.

Pf- i know you all want tyler but it sounds crazy but i have patrick patterson out uf uk. patrick has monsterous stats. he has  18.2 ppg, 9.2 rpg,2.3 apg, 0.7 spg then heres the big one 2.1 bpg. 2.1 thats insane he is definetly worth of a first team selection with the way his team and himself play.

C- do i even need to go into detail about blake griffin. 22 points,13.4 rebounds, 1.4 blocks,2.4 assists,1.4 steals all this per gaem not to mention he shoots 60% from longe range. this kid is the future number one pick and is the quit possibly best college player out there.


                          SECOND TEAM ALL AMERICANS


Pg- jeff teague easy he has good stats not rist teamer stats but close to it. what he does have is this weeks number 1 team in the country on top of 21.4 points, 4 rebounds, 4.1 assissts, 0.6 blocks, and  2.1 steals per game. he shoots a deadly  52% from the 3 point line. a little dificult to pick but all in all a likely all american

Sg- James Harden is the real deal. he has 22.1 ppg,1.9 spg, 4.3 ap,5.7 rpg buit only 39 % from  behind the arc. the 3 ball shooting is why i took him out a sg must be good on all areas of the floor. nonetheless this is one great player who just needs to work on that longe range shot.

Sf- i was going to put sam young here but he has more 3rd team stats which is whre i will put him at. instead i decided upon Stefon Jackson out of utep. he has very good stats and is 6-5 so he could and probally will play sf. he ahs 23.3 ppg and has 6.2 rebounds and2.5 assists per game. he shots a modest 35% from behind the arc. his scorign and all around talent is why i have him here.

Pf- no way would i put tyler hansbrough below here. the 22.9 points per game and  7.8 ppg are modestand the fact that he shoots 30% from longe range is why he fell to here. he is trying to hard to do everything i mean him shooting 3's come on. his stats have suffered and he is not what he waswhich is why i have him here. still he is still very talented and deserves tihis spot rightfully so.

C- i will put in jordan hill here. he is very talented all aroudn and balanced. he has  17.8 ppg while sharing the points wiht chase. he has  11.4 rebounds and 2.2 blocks per game. i put him here since he is a little to young and inexperiancedfor first team. if he had 20or over points per game he would be first team but first team is crowdedand his stats show a 2nd team performance.



 Pg- say what you want lestor hudson deserves this spot since it's low. he has 27.4 ppg,,3.8 apg he has 7.1 rpg and he is only 6-2. hej shoots ok from longe range at 34% but what sealed the deal for why he is here and why i have him is the  2.7 spg. lestor made the right move coming back and these stats and this honor make it all worth while.

Sg- you will see 2 interesting things for my 3rd teamers. the thing is i have ahmand nivans and dionte christmas as 3rd teamers and heres why. he has 21.8 ppg, while sharing with ahamd and 6.3 rpg  on top of 2.3 apg and a 40% marking from the 3 ball line. he also has  1.4 spg. he is a very hardworking and honest player and this award has had a long time coming.

Sf- Isaid and wont back down on sam young right here. he has 18.6 ppg,5.6 rpg shots a good 36% from l9nge range and gets  1.1 steals and 1.6 apg. he is a good player who has a vry good scoring makr considerign who is on his team. he has had a good year so thisspot seems just.

Pf- heres ahmad nivins stats. he has 19.6 ppg,11 rpg,2 blocks,1.1 assists and 0.8 blocks per game. he does this in is a very talented pr who does not get as much credit as deserved. he is an easy all american choice as a third teamer.

C- i have gani lawal hereand before you give me b.s i will explain. he has only 15.8 ppg thats only cause 4 other guys in the starting lineup have double digits. he ahs 10.4 rebounds nad  1.1 blocks per game. he is a steal right here. he will have less minutes nest year sicne favors is coming but right now he is the man.



dejaun blair,

johnny flyn

grebvis vasquez

jerome jordon

dejuan summers

greg monroe

grevis vasquez

tyreese rice

kyle mclararney

paul harris

taylor battle

evan turner

kevin colbe

craig moore

etwaun moore

robbie hummel








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