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Wow the cubs have been busy htis year. look at what they have done. they Exercised the 2010 club option on the contract of manager Lou Piniella. they also Exercised the 2009 club contract option on pitcher Rich Harden and signed gm jim hendry to a 4 year extension. they resigned ryan dempster. then they got it going they signed Chad Gaudin and Neal Cotts and outfielder Reed Johnson to one-year contracts. then they signed Joey Gathright to a 1 year deal ,David Patton[inm s trade with reds],Aaron Miles on a two-year contract.Milton Bradley on a three-year contract. Ronny Cedeno on a one-year contract.and  kevin gregg on a 1 year deal. i like kevin gregg i thinkg that move will work.kevin had 29 saves and a  3.31 era i think taht provides closer depth and it seems like he will be a good kerry woood replacement. i thik that teh chad neal and reed johnson resgingings were very smart but they should resign jim edmonds he was very stable with them. milton is a tough one for me he is taletned but very andgry and mean. he can play though so thats all that matters. joey garthright provides versitility spped and a good range. he is my favorite offseason aquisition.


For the new year they should be very good they abnve zambrono,harden,and dempster plus lilly what a good first 4. the cubs are the most balanced mlb team. i really like david lee and geonovy soto. i think now that they have some depth they look like a team to contend. if not for the CURSE. i thik the curse is more thought of then true but seriouslyits been like 101 years since they won. the cubs though have such a talented bullpen and starters. Dvid lee had 20 homers and a 291 averge last year. he is the most stable of there players. he also had 90 rbi's last year. soto had very similar numbers last year with  23 homers, a 285 averge and  86 rbi's last year as a rookie winning nl rookie ofthe year. he is a talented and future all star. There outfeild can play with reed johnson and milton bradley who porovides some major power. i just saw kosuke is not going to start and reed johnson is. they ahve alfonso soriono. alfonso is there best player arguabple. he takes up osme money coasting them 14 mil last year. he is good but had only a 280 averge and  29 hoemrs with 79 rbi's. he is good but i think milton is the best in there outfeild right now. another player to watch is carlso zambrono nad ryan dempster. i loook for carlos to decline this year and ryan stay solid just becuase of the facts. i think that 100 wins is withinreach for them.     


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