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The Arizona Cardinals, the habitual and virtual bye week of the NFL, success??? Few and far between, I remember when they beat the Cowboys in the Wild Card with Jake the Snake Plummer, and thinking wow but then only to get way out matched by the 15-1 Minnesota Vikings, very few franchises could claim to have the same amount of desparity between success and failure, it didnt matter that they drafted high nearly every season, they just flat out sucked. No one hates the Cardinals, you can't, thats like kicking a man with no legs, he's always down. Not anymore. We can sit here and say that the Cardinals don't have a chance, their defense wont hold up, they cant stop the Pittsburgh defense say what you want. The fact is that after beating the snot out of the Panthers, beating the Philidelphia Eagles, they deserve to be reckoned with. Is this game intriguing?? You bet it is, Ken Wisenhunt and Russ Grimm were two important coaches in the Steelers 05' run, now they wear red, intriguing, The Arizona Cardinals have a very potent offense the Steelers have what is in my opinion one of the best defenses in history, intriging. There are alot of Hall of Fame implications here, for guys like Kurt Warner obviously he can seal the deal with a win, but also Troy Polamalu, and possibly Ben Rothlisberger. I've never been a big fan but I am hoping that Edgerin James gets the start, after everything he did for the Colts it would be cool to see him at least get a start in the Super Bowl. All I can finish on that with is that I hope its a classic.


I was reading a bit about Troy Polamalu and stumbled upon some stunning facts, in the 2003 draft the Chargers desperatly needed a safety, they trade their 15th pick away passing on Polamalu and later take Samie Davis, and Terrence Kiel. The next year you take Eli Manning first, who didnt even want to go to San Diego, when you already have Brees thus passing up on Larry Fitzgerald, that would have given you LT in his prime, Drew Brees and Fitzgerald, and Polamalu on the other side, it could have easily been this way. Whoops. Now I do give them credit for finding Antonio Gates and drafting Shawn Merriman, imagine the Chargers D with those 2!??

 Is Ray Lewis over his prime? Is he old? He seems agless to me but it could be the end of the road for him in Baltimore as they are probly going to attempt to get younger on that side of the field.

It looks more and more like Terrell Owens will be at the back of the unemployment line this offseason, who is going to take that risk? Right now I would say that the Chargers,  The Giants?? Tom Couglin may be able to tame "the entertainer" The Redskins? Theres a good chance he stays in the divison, you know someone will take him weather its a good idea or not.

 Why would Tampa Bay wait 3 weeks to fire Jon Gruden? I just can't fathom how it took that long to decide to go into another direction.

 What is the deal with this new Pro Bowl idea? Is there any stone that Goodell wont turn over? Sure its boring sure something needs to be figured out, but I hardly think that moving it to the week before the Super Bowl will make it any more marketable, and what about all those players that arent playing because their playing in a game that counts...Oh yea the Super Bowl Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, Troy Polamalu to name a few wouldn't make an appearence. I think maybe  they should stop playing a game at all and just name players as Pro Bowlers.


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