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Its a hot topic when a marquee team that is expected to go far does just the opposite, we could name a few this season, the Browns disappointed everyone, the Patriots miss the postseason a year after going 18-1, the Buccaneers and Broncos blow huge leads with consecutive losses, there is always a price to pay for mediocre performance and big let downs. Fan and media criticism is just part of the game, thats expected, but owners are often not patient enough and are not to happy about the kind of embarrassment that comes with such let downs. Jerry Jones has been very quiet since seasons end, one could say he has been slowly recovered from a rotten humble pie, but is it really Jerry who is to blame? I have always liked Wade Phillips as a guy and a defensive coordinator; hes a brilliant defensive mind. But what can be said for a man who failed to get arguably one of the most talented teams in the NFL to the postseason. And before we go a step further, don???t even think about blaming this on Terrell Owens. Owens is always happy when a team is winning, its when things arent going well that TO becomes???well TO. Wade Phillips has never been a successful head coach, its just plain and simple, in 1985 he got his first taste of it with the New Orleans Saints going 1-3 in the four games he coached; he wasn???t considered to be his fathers permanent successor in New Orleans. He got another chance with the Broncos in 1993 only to be fired after two seasons, the Broncos management said they felt that Phillips had lost control of the team and that had led to the two unsuccessful seasons, sound like a situation we have heard before? One could say he was semi-successful in Buffalo, but for one reason or another, the two sides parted ways after three seasons. Whats the trend here? Phillips just cant handle whole picture, he can design and coach your defense to be one of the best in the NFL but not coach the whole team and keep them disciplined focused and prepared. Its okay some people cant do what others can, he can probably do things other guys cant but he just shouldnt be in that position. My feeling is that within weeks a big story will break Phillips and Garrett will be out and Mike Shanahan will be the new coach of the Dallas Cowboys, its inexcusable for a team to under perform like that, its even more inexcusable to find out about the lack of discipline on the team, these guys are professional football players ego mania might as well be the other term you have to keep tight control of these guys or they get out of control, theres just too much ego and temptation in their faces they have to have a stern figure to keep them in line, a strong willed leader who knows the landscape and game and knows how to manage the big picture of an NFL franchise. Mike Shanahan no doubt has eaten his own share of humble pie recently but trusts me I???ve been at those training camp practices and worked with or for many former or current Broncos, Mike knows discipline. What that means is Tony Romo wont be going on some vacation to Mexico the week before a playoff game, I want to know what Romo is thinking sometimes, you dont change your routine until after the season period? It made a big difference I guarantee it. Within a few weeks there could be a big meltdown in the Big D, dont be surprised many within the media have said they expect something big to happen, and it will the team needs a solid leader.


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