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The spotlight is first though with von wafer who is very underrated.

This guy declared himself early in hte 2005 nba draft adn was suposed to go undrafted. he went to fsu where he was an absoulute star. it is rumored he left because he could have been kicked of the team. none the less he is one good player. he is from h9mer louisiania. he is a gutsy player and was chosen with the 39th pick in the 2005 nba draft. as i said he was going to go undrafted but a lakers scout irving thomas got him a workout and mitch kupchak was amazed. the lakers had a good time with this 6-5 210 lb rookie. he played in 16 games as a rookie and averged 1.3 ppg. hje was waved then and never left the city that year sighning with the clippers. he was imedialty put on the colorado 49ers roster. he did not score at all in 2006. he signed with denver in 07 and had a year of 1.3 points 0.4 rebounds per game and 21 games udner hsi belt. he was traded to the trailblazers for taureene greene. he got his break though this year with houston playing in  22 games starting 8. before this year he had never started a game in his career. he had 18 vs the mavs. he averges 9.2 ppg,1 apg,2  rpg all career heighs. i think the t-mac injury probloms have very much helped him. another thing he averges 20 mpg thats a career best and his first time in double digit  for minutes. you guys need to watch him play.


Now fof my top 5 freeagetns in 09 and in 10.

for 09 i say mike bibby,jamal crawford,allen iverson,ben gordon and von wafer[jjust kidding] seriously i say rasheed walace.

mike h=is explosive semi young and really has not lost a step so he will get most likely get around 10 maybe 8 million per year over like 4 years. i think he goes to the wizards maybe the timber wolves

Jamal crawford is an explosive off the ball scorer who gets it done and gets 20 per. look for the grizz or the nuggets to go after him

I think ai is a good player worthy of credit he will get a paycut and probally go to a team like chicago or wmilwauke or who knows this guy is so hard to predict.

Ben gordon is a scorer who gets tot the rim slashes and would work in a city like utah or denver or toronto who need a sg.

Sheed would be best in a warm weather city with plenty of fans and $$$$$$. he would go to miami.


For 10 i have Lebron james,cb4,joe johnson,michael redd,and d-wade


Lebron ovioulsy to nyc no question about it

joe would work in atl where they will do anything to have him bakc but dc is a good backup plan

I see cb4 in a nets jersye excuse me brooklyn jersey he would work well with devin harris who can flat out ball.

redd will be in a bobcats or lakers jersey becaue the bobcats will get enough $$ to get him.

D-wade i see resighning


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