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Everyone has been posting there picks for the upcoming NFL season. I thought I try something alittle different. And it has nothing to do with football. I'll give you a minute to x out of this page.........alright. For those of you who want to read on, these are my grades for the 2007 MLB season. It has been a very weird season so far. The Rockies have a better record then the Yankees, Dan Haren is pitching better then Johan Santana, and where did Jose Lima go? Anyway, here are my grades. Comment if you wish.

A.L. East

Red Sox=A  They have the best record in baseball. Thats pretty much it. The only concern is the bottom of the order. But other then that, they are laughing all the way to October. Even the bullpen has been a pleasent surprise. Pick= 1st Place

Yankees=F  Do I really need to explain this one? This team could go down as the most disappointing team ever if they keep playing the way they are. One paper, awesome. In the real world, lifeless. Other then A-Rod, Pettitte, and Posada, this team is just not doing anything. Pick=2nd Place

Blue Jays=C-  It has been a rough year for the Blue Jays. They have had injuries to there ace, there closer(out for the rest of the year), there third baseman, and there left fielder. Add the fact that there starting pitching is weak and you have a medicore team. Pick=3rd Place

Orioles=D  Every year, I pick this team to be a surprise and shock everyone. And every year, they do the complete opposite. The manager got canned, the expensive bullpen is throwing like the mayor of Cincinnati, and the injury bug has attacked them with no mercy. Pick=4th Place

Devil Rays=D+   The reason they get a higher grade then the Orioles is because they are almost as good as them and they slept through the offseason. Pick= What do you think?

A.L. Central

Tigers=A-   In a couple of years, this rotation is gonna be scary good. Actually, it already is. They have a a rotation filled with firepower, they have scored the most runs in baseball, and the manager is one of the best in the game. Only thing keeping this team down is the bullpen. Zumaya has been out and Todd Jones looks like he is finished. Pick=1st Place

Twins=C  This is a hard team to grade because they always get hot after the All-Star break. The bullpen is fantastic and the offense is good. They could use another starter. Don't see them getting one. Pick=3rd Place

Indians=B+   The Indians are alot like the Tigers. Both have good offense with alot of power. And the Indians also have a very solid rotation. But once again, the bullpen comes in to play. Joe Boworski has an ERA over 5 and they have blown a 5-run lead twice this season. That is not comforting. Pick=2nd Place

White Sox= F  Keep Burhrle, dump everyone else. And it should start with the manager. He seems more annoying now then lovable. This team can't hit, they are old, and I wouldn't bet a dollar on this bullpen. Pick=5th Place

Royals=D   This team is on the right track. Gil Mache has been very solid, the young rookies are starting to come through, and the G.M. is very aggressive. Pick=4th Place

A.L. West

Angels=A+   This team is winning it all. Bank on it right now. They have everything. Energizing rookies, veterens to guide to way, and a smart manager. The young rotation is just as good as the Tigers' rotation, the mega-talented prospects are finally hitting, and I would bet my life on this bullpen. Pick=1st Place and World Series Champions.

A's=C  Another team that is very hard to grade. They have the best rotation ERA in baseball. Too bad they hit like they are on crack. Jason Kendall is becoming a horrible baseball player and the bullpen is injuried beyond belief. Pick=2nd Place

Mariners=B+  The biggest surprise in the A.L. They are a very exciting team with great defense and the best closer in baseball(as far as stats go). But there manager just skipped out and there starting pitching is very shaky. Pick=3rd Place

Rangers=D   Same as the White Sox except change "Burhrle" to "Micheal Young" and forget the manager part. It isn't Ron's fault the pitching is horrendous and this team strikesout more then they get a hit. Pick=4th Place

N.L. East

Mets=B   These Mets aren't as good as last year. The bullpen has suffered a significant downgrade and the line-up is all-or-nothing. They need a big pitcher or Pedro to pitch like he was wearing a Red Sox unifrom. Pick=1st Place

Phillies=C  This team is ridiculously streaky. One minute, they look unstoppable. The next, they can't stop losing. They have an erratic line-up, an erratic starting rotation, and the bullpen is completely shot. Pick=3rd Place

Braves=C+  The Braves are alittle better. The line-up is quite good, the starters are pretty solid, and the bullpen is up and down. I think they should try to trade A. Jones for a pitcher. At least get something for him. Pick=2nd Place

Marlins=C  With a new manager, a very inexperienced team, and no money, what do you expect? Pick=4th Place

Nationals=D+  This team has actually been better then expected. I thought they were going to flirt with the 1962 Mets record. But they have been better then that. They still suck. Pick=I can't believe i'm saying this....5th Place!

N.L. Central

Brewers=A The biggest surprise in baseball. And they are for real. The rotation is very dependable, the bullpen is lights-out, and they have one pesky batting line-up. They chip away at you. And with Ben Sheets back and healthy, look out. Pick=1st Place

Cubs=B-  Entering June, this team was getting ready to meltdown. But they somehow put it together and now they are over .500. The batting line-up is overrated, the pitching is good, and the bullpen is never a sure thing. The Cubs did do a good job of trading away Michael Barrett to improve the chemistry of this team. Pick=2nd Place

Cardinals=C-  This team did nothing to help the pitching holes during the offseason and it shows. LaRussa got busted for a DUI, a relief pitcher died, and they are below .500. Tough year, right?Pick=3rd Place

Astros=D+  They are in 4th place. In a bad division. Brad Lidge still can't close, the team has the most men left on base in the division, and other then Oswalt the pitching is weak. Bad team. Pick=5th Place

Pirates=C-  Like the Royals, they are on the right track. They finally have a young group of pitchers AND hitters they can build around. You know who would be perfect for them? Brad Lidge. Pick=4th Place

Reds=F The worst record in baseball belongs to this group of free-swingers and inconsistent pitchers. Seriuosly, this team is terrible. Pick=6th Place

N.L. West

Padres=A- They have quite possibly the best bullpen in baseball and not enough people know how good the rotation is.

1. Peavy

2. Chris Young

3. Maddux

4. David Wells(drunk as always)

5. Justin Germano

Now all they need is a big hitter. Pick=1st Place and N.L. Pennant

Dodgers=B This team is another case of injury bug gone wild. 4 pitchers out all together. This team needs one thing: a third baseman. A-Rod anyone?? Pick=2nd Place

Diamondbacks=B-  This team has no experience, which will hurt them in this great division. Jose Valverde has been great this season but if you look at his history, he is anything but consistent. Pick=3rd Place

Rockies=B  You have to give them some credit. They haven't been horrible. And they are playing the role of spoiler very well. Pick=4th Place

Giants=D-  All of them are gonna have a heartattack on the field. This team is old. Way too old to be any good.=Pick=LAST PLACE!!!!!!!!

Thats it. Wasn't that long, right?


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