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so i am reading an article on josh powell of the lakers and think to myself why not do the midseason report for the Lakers so here it goes.


The Lakers are curently the best in the west right now. they are 34-8,9-1 in there division and 22-3 at home with a 12-5 road record. overalll i am very impressed with this team. i thought for sure that they would slip a little this year but you know what no they didnt. they have 4 double digit scorers. kobe has 28.4 ppg, pau has 17.5,andrew 13.6 and derrick has 11 ppg it is a very good looking team this year. the only problom they ahve is at the sf possition. i have seen some very good plays though thsi year with the snapping of the celitcs 22 game win streak being the seasons heigh so far. but antoher thing of interest is that kobe is playing with i beleive a dislocated finger. i think though with what i have seen so far that they can reallly win the finals. the team ha good depth and if they need to they could get soemone from the d-league. overall they have avoided controversy pretty well becuase there is no i want to be traded kind of things going on. i think the only thing they heed to do a little better on is  defense where they are only  16th that means they are in the bottom of the half nad thats not good for a tital contender to be thsi low. they allow opponets to get 99.1 ppg on them every night. opponents have a 44% fg % on them, a 35% 3pt% on them and a  74% ft % on them thats not good. i dont need to go into offense since they are the best in the league in that. the team has had some injuries to the sf and pf possitin but i think they ahve a very good chance at the tital still. the Lakers have been very impresive so far.


Now for the draft part of this post.


i see them landing dionte christmas. he is 6-5 and i have him as a 3rd team all american this year. he has 20.8 ppg,6.4 rpg and shoots 40% from longe range. he would be a good spark of the bench for the lakers who really need someone who can get points but alos do the other little things that make a good player. he has led a team that went from ok to great he is an explosive off the ball scorer who is a very talented wing player. he is a smart basketball player who is as said an explosive scorer but he needs better shto selction nad is  a turnover macheine at times. he would be a very good pick for the lakers in the first round.

They will likely have the 57th or so pick so a very low second rounder. i bet they want to get someone who is athletic and can play multiple possitions. this is why i have them getting danny green out of unc. he can play sg or sf and is 6-6 which is good. trevor azaria,lamar odom and chris mihm are all going to be free agents after this year so they need soem new talent and danny greene is a very emotional and entertaining player who made the right mvoe coming back. hje would do  a good job getting intensity into the other players and ithink he would fit in pretty well in the flashy tacky L.A. wathch out though for this pick since it might be trade bait.


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