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i decided on doing a mock draft so far and will use the order of  the 2009 nba draft.

1. Oklahoma City Thunder-Blake Griffin out of Oklahoma. i dont need a reason for why this stud is here.

2. Washington Wizards- James Harden out of Arizona State. i think they need a guard more then they do a center but it was a tough call.

3. Los Angele Clipppers- Jordan Hill out of Arizona. they need versatility.

4. Sacremento Kings- Brandon Jennings international. he could fill there guard gap.

5. Memphis Grizzlies- Hasheem Thabeet out of UCONN. they need some arms.

6. Al Farouq Aminu- if he werent 6-9 al would notbe leaving wake forest for golden state.

7.Minnesota Timberwolves- i think since Chase Budinger is 6-7 and can play sg or sf he would work well here but hte team also reallly needs a center.

8. Indiana Pacers- they need the strength and talent of georgetown great Dajuan summers to fill the sf void.

9.Toronto Raptors- they definetley need greg monreo out of g-town since he is a center and they  need a center.

10. Earl Clark out of louisville would help jump start a knicks team that has promise.

11. I like Damion James out of Texas to go to the bobcats instead of some other sg'sf's because he is a little more diverse and not as 2d in his game. he would fit the offense well but they could get a pg like brandon jennings but he would need to really slip.

12.Chicago Bulls- they need a pf no matter what they say to themselves and gani lawal is a taletned player who can get a double double almost every night.

13. New Jersey Nets- I like gerald henderson here because he would do a good job in the system and get a lot of playing time. to see what i mean go to 2009 nba free agents and you will see how i determine my picks.

14. The Dallas Mavericks definetly need a solid pg and Jeff Teague another wake forest guy is there man. he is smart with the basketball but not great at ball handiling.

15. with the Milwauke  Bucks facing beeing only 2 deep at center pg and sg i think stephen curry would work well since he could be a pg or a sg.

16. i think that the 76ers get patrick mills out of st marrys.

17. i think that meinnesota might like someone a little bit better at the sf position and draft demar derozan out of usc.

18. heres a no brainer for the pistons to draft erick maynor out of vcu.

19. i like the move forthe t-wolves of gettign patrick patterson becuase this guy is a pf trapped in  a sf's body but he will play pf in the pros.

20. the hawks should consider getting omri cassapri out of turkey

21. the trailbalzers will msot likely just play it safe with darren colison but could get lwason.

22. ty lawson out of unc to the suns.

23. i bet the kings are tupid and want backup plans for the future and get austian daye a 6-11 gonzaga pf.

24. i will play it safe with tyler smith our of tennessee to the hornetns.

25 and 26 both belong  to the thunder and i see wayne ellignton and tyler hansbrough going to the thunder here.

27. jerome jordoon out of tulsa to the t-wolves.

28. dionte christmas temple guard to the lakers.

29. absoultley sam young to the magic no question about it.

30. playing it safe josh heytvelt to the cavs with the 30th pick.


    2nd round:


31. the Thunder should get and will get curtis jerrals out of baylor to fill a depleated pg spot.

32. the Wizards get Dejuan Blair to come in and give us more sf and if needed pf depth.

33. the clippers need a dependable sf backup nad i like brandon costner out of nc state to go in and earn some minutes.

34.I delayed this decision for a backup pf so why not jeff pendergraph out of arizono state.

35. the grizzlies will get aj price to help fill there struggling pg spot. he is also a good leader.

36. i am moving down taj gibson down 1 spot since i think he would do well as a sf'pf backup in goldon state who could use both he could even be a center.

37. tyreese rice should have been taken way earlier but the t-wolves see talent whent they need it and give him a chance.

38. if he leaves grevis vasquez would be a blessing for the pacers since he can play the 1,2 0r 3 thats talent right there.

39. the raptors would settle for a robert vaden player becaue of his range.

40. why not another ittalina the other one was such a great move but what do the knicks know about drafts so they get  lugi detome of itally.

41. i really like terrence williams  and having him here at the bobcats is strictlly buisness but fun buisness since the bobcats really have no sf backup. terrence can be a sg though to.

42. with a lack of shooters who can consistently make it i like the pick of alonzo gee from alabama for the bulls.

43. i am not sure who to put ermey pargo here but then i knew why they have no pg backup there basiclly 1 deep in devin harris.

44. Vyacheslav Kravt... sorry i needed to copy that i could not even read it wil go to the mavs and give them a center/pf.

45. the bucks are lying to there selfs with the no sg needed sayings they ened one because no way will micahel redd stay in milwaukkee  sorry bucks fans but thats the truth. so the person they need is marcus thorton an unselfish 6-4 sg who if needed i bet could play point.

46. i like another pg going to the 76ers since they will need it and they get jerel mcneal out of marquette he is a 6-3 sg but can play both in my mind.

47. they need jeff adrian out of uconn who is 6-7 listed as a pf i bet a sg or sf spot is within range though for him so this pick makes a lot of sense to me.

48. detroit is a hard pick right here but i guess i will go with chris johnson out of lsu to play pf or center whcih ever the pistons choose.

49. a nobody europen is who the jazz will most likely get but not in my midn i bet they get  josh shipp out of ucla.

50. i will put in weasley mathews from marquette here just cause he would be a good fit and they need a guard.

51. i guess leo lyons from mizzou wuld work in portland.

52. demarcus carrols from missouri would work in protan d.

53. i will put in a foreigner with hank norel in a rockets jersye.

54. i say brandon ewing coudl do damage in a  hornents jersye.

55. i think the idea of  jack mcclinton to the nuggets seems right.

56, lorenzo wade welcome to san antonio

57. josh akognon now boarding your plane ot boston.

58. luke nevil welcome to la

59.  russel hicks hey there i am stan van gundy and your a magic now.

60. jermaine  taylori s a 6-4 central florida sg and he could maybe stick withthe cavs you know who knows



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