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I've been a supporter of Eli Manning since day 1. Well, actually that would be a lie. Going into the 2004 NFL Draft, I believed the Giants should have taken Offensive Tackle Robert Gallery out of the University of Iowa with the #4 overall pick. I thought Kerry Collins, the Giants starting quarterback at the time, still had some good years left on him and didn't see a reason to draft a QB at #4 overall. In retrospect, all I can say is WHAT WAS I THINKING? Good thing I wasn't calling the shots for the Giants. The Giants never had a chance of drafting Gallery because Oakland snatched him up with the second overall pick, but that turns out to be a good thing for all the teams that had Gallery high on there draft boards behind the Raiders. Gallery has since been moved to left guard and is widely considered a bust.

Eli Manning, despite his warnings of not wanting to play for San Diego, was picked #1 overall by the San Diego Chargers. Eli and his father Archie Manning were disappointed and reiterated there sentiments toward San Diego, and were hopeful a trade could be worked out. The Giants took NC State standout QB Philip Rivers with the #4 pick and traded him along with a package of draft picks for the rights to negotiate a deal with Eli Manning. Eli Manning would eventually sign a deal with the Giants and officially became a New York Giant. Now to the discussion of why people dislike Eli Manning.

New York Giants fans (before last year's Super Bowl victory) didn't like Eli Manning partly because of his inconsistent play and his stoic demeanor. You know the "deer in the headlights" look every time his passes were intercepted or almost intercepted. But that is something over time that Giants fans have expected of Eli Manning because that's just who he is, and that Super Bowl last year had a somewhat effect(somewhat effect meaning A HUGE effect) on our perception of Eli Manning. Even after the Super Bowl win and a Super Bowl MVP award, you will still get the "Eli face" at least twice a game.

TV commentators love to tell the audience about how much more confident Eli looks now that he has a ring on his finger. And every Giant fan says "What?". Eli still looks like the same guy now that he did in his rookie year. He still walks around with slumped shoulders and still gives you the "Eli face" during games. That's what Giants fans love about him. He doesn't date supermodels or ditzy blonde singers (he married his college sweetheart). He doesn't walk around like he's the most important guy in the world like Brett Favre. He handles the pressures of being the QUARTERBACK OF THE NEW YORK GIANTS with class. He says all the right things, and you really get a sense that he's genuine in everything he says and does, unlike another NY sports figure that goes by the moniker A-Rod or more appropriately, A-Fraud. Eli doesn't come off as smug or arrogant like Tom Brady. He doesn't outrageously show boat like McNabb. He doesn't chirp at fans and come off as a punk like Philip Rivers. He never throws any of his teammates under the bus like his brother Peyton. He doesn't make excuses. And still non-Giants fans love to drink the hatorade and spew it all over Eli Manning.

The only reason I came up with that football fans could dislike Eli Manning is the whole 2004 NFL draft situation where Eli publicly refused to play for the San Diego Chargers if they were to select him. But is that really a reason to really hate Eli Manning, didn't Elway do the same exact thing, although I do totally understand why Charger fans despise Eli Manning. I really never understood the general hatred for Eli Manning. To all the Eli Manning haters: I would love to hear your reason for not liking Eli Manning. And please make it a logical relevant reason like the one I presented in this paragraph with the 2004 NFL Draft/ San Diego/ refusal to play  example. I don't want to hear "Eli Manning sucks" with no reasoning.



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