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   I suppose it does me no good to gripe and raise cane about the going ons of my favorite team, but I do it anyway, much like the majority of you out there. If Hard Knocks wasn't enough, and not mentioning all the drama that went on during the season, we now have Michael Irvin and his "reality show" that's been brought to the public's attention the past few days. Then, to top that off, we now have T.O. doing his own show on VH1, so people could see what "he" is all about. As if we didn't already know.

   Reality shows seem to be popular. I don't know, because I don't watch any of them. I tried and found out I had no use for them. I have enough trouble with reality at home, without having to watch other people fake act and carry out some fantasy.

  You would think that, after a season like this one just concluded, this team would be hiding their heads in the ground much like the proverbial ostrich. I know if I had been embarrassed like they had been, I would not be out in public for quite some time. Has there not been enough attention bestowed upon this franchise and the players the last several years without having to resort to "reality" crap? These guys are football players, not ......well, maybe I should back up off of that. Maybe they are actors pretending to be football players.

   Jerry Jones said it best when he said that "even bad publicity is good for this team"........or words to that effect. What I see happening is this team is never going to win another championship, for the fact of the matter is, their focus is NOT on football, but the attention, and the drama, regardless of what kind or where it comes from. This is from the owner on down. If he tolerates this stuff, as he did with Romo having a celebrity girlfriend, and going on vacation, and God only knows what else,  then pray tell, where is the commitment to football and trophies and championships?I don't see it, nor do I hear it. A commitment to attention maybe?

  This team seems to be all about "attention". I read somewhere that Jones will likely do something during the SB to bring the attention back to him and this team. Of course, this is likely speculation on someone else's part, but would Jones do that? I believe he would. It would have to be something big tho, like fire Phillips? Or release T.O., but I don't believe either of those will happen. Not this year anyway. So, what would he do to get his share of attention during this big game? Stay tuned.

   It used to bother me when the Cowboys lost any game. But, these past few years have dampened my enthusiasm, and forced me to see who they really are. Every time they started doing good, my hopes would rise along with their record.  But, this past season, everything fell back down to earth, and until Jones and company can show me they are serious about championships, and not just getting noticed and being paid attention, then I refuse to be taken in again and "left at the altar" if you will.

  Who will be paying homage to Jerry and his shrine in Arlington? I'm sure it will be filled, of course, but not by any regular joes. Will he erect a statue of someone out front? Who would it be? I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count.

   I will continue to watch and see what happens, but, it won't stop me from going to mow the yard during any of their games now, or any other chore. There's much more to life than watching some "reality" thing that's supposed to be football. I don't call that entertainment. Nor do I call it professional football.

Jones has more money than he could spend in 3 lifetimes, but yet, for all his millions, he needs the attention and adoration. What's wrong with needing a few championships, and that way, everyone can be happy? Attention would come with championships, but not the other way around.

Get rid of the reality crap. We already have enough of it as it is.



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