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Yes, Martellus Bennett, I'm talking to you.  Can you show any maturity?  Any at all?  Why release a rap song that talks down on African Americans and gays?  If you want to express your opinion on gays, then fine.  But please, try to be a little more mature about it. 

And talking down on yourself, as an African American?  Disgraceful.   Put the song on your myspace page so the whole world can hear it?  Stupid.

In many ways these same words describe the Cowboys over this year.  How can a team so talented be so awful?  How can a team who hasnt won a playoff game in 12 years be so unfocused?  This Dallas team is easily the most disappointing, and overrated team in franchise history.  A possible Super Bowl pick?  Ignorant. 

Dallas has taken the persona of not only their coach, but also of the QB, a certain WR, and the owner.  Controversial and confident, from Jerry Jones.  The 'the world will move on if we lose' mentality from Quarterback Tony Romo.  Whining if they dont get the ball, or simply get on the field period, from Terrell Owens.  Laziness, lack of discipline, and unmotivated from their coach, Wade Phillips.  When you add all this up, you never get anything good.  When you add this to the Dallas Cowboys, who like it or not, or the most talked about team in America, disasters happen.

Incidents are overblown.  Things that have no reason leaving the locker room leak out.  Players put themselves above the team.  Teammates criticize their teammates.  What does the head coach do about all this?  Nothing.  Wade simply tries to make everything sound ok, when really, hardly anything is.

When players need to be criticized and disciplined by their coach, it doesnt happen.  And over time, things get worse.  From players showing up late to film sessions, to players breaking fans sunglasses, getting arrested for DUIs, and releasing rap songs on their Myspace page. 

Dallas will always be one of the most talked about and scrutinized teams in the NFL.  That is no excuse.  The New York Yankees proved you can accomplish anything in the spotlight of the sports world, and even the world, to some extent.  Dallas doesnt seem to want to accept that.   Players need to realize that as long as your a Cowboy, you will be under the microscope.  On AND off the field. 

 Everyone in the whole organization needs to know this, and hold themselves to a higher standard, and put the team above their own personal gain.  It starts at the top.  It's about Jerry Jones swallowing his ego, and FINALLY, hiring a GM.  Jones needs to take half step out of the spotlight if he wants the team do the same thing.

Terrell Owens needs to realize this, too.  He actually needs to step out of the spotlight to permantly put himself in the spotlight, as the 2nd greatest Wide Receiver ever.  Can he do it?  I dont know.  But I do know how he needs to do it.  Tell Romo and the whole offense that you are fully commited to the team, and that you are finally willing to do whatever it takes to win.  Catch less passes, let the team become run oriented behind the 3 headed monster that Dallas has, and be a mentor to both Patrick Crayton and Roy Williams.  Whatever it is, I'm willing to do it.

If Terrell could ever do that, you would see a more relaxed a confident Romo, who would not force the ball nearly as much as he does know.  Because guess what Terrell?  Whether you like it or not, players look up to you.  All the young guys on the team are amazed by what you have accomplished in your career, and have the greatest respect for you.  Change your attitude, and the team will too

And who knows, 10 years from now people could forget about what you have done in the past and say: I really respect Terrell Owens.  He put his team before his stats to win the ultimate prize, and ultimately suceeded.  It's not to late T.O.  But, time is running out.

Terrell Owens is the single most influencing player on the Dallas Cowboys currently, no questions asked.  His attitude in this upcoming year will have a bigger impact on the team than any other player's attitude, by far. 

It's time for this team to realize their potential and play up to all the hype.  But to do this, they must Shut up and Put up. 

Good Luck, Dallas.  You have a long offseason coming up.  With Wade Phillips staying another year, this offseason will be very long, with players doing all sorts of stupid things.  At least until someone on this team takes a leadership role and stops putting up with all this crap.  Until then, and not a moment sooner, the Dallas Cowboys will be a mediocre team that never lives up to all of the expectations.

Here's to hoping that someone, anyone, in that Dallas locker room gets the message.....




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