Hello Fannation! I am back! It has been a long time I know...I recently got settled in at East Carolina University and have not been able to get on for what seems like a YEAR! I have been dreaming about this story and I would love to share it with you all. Here comes my story, THE NIGHTTIME NOTETAKER PART 1!


I lean back in my chair looking at all the different scholorship offers. I play or should I say played QB at Glades Centrel High School in Belle Glade, Florida. Our team always made the Top 100 list for the Top High School football teams in America. We were always in the high 80's low 90's until I came along.

I played aproximently 3 freshman games before moving up to the JV team. I went a perfect 96 for 96 with 8 Passing TD's and 3 Rushing. No interceptions or turnovers. The rest of my freshman year was playing second string to the next great player at Glades Centrel Sophmore Matt Tankerton. My sophmore year went better Matt was moved up to start with the varsity team and I was givin an option. I could move up and play Cornerback for the Varsity team and I would also be the 3rd string QB behing Matt and Senior QB Joey Cosselo or I could start both ways at Cornerback and Quarterback on the JV team. I chose JV. My year was phenominal. I set school JV records in Rushing with over 1,500 yards and in passing with over 3,200. I threw for 25 TD's and 9 picks. The team had no choice but to start me over Matt in my junior year. I then broke state records with 2,100 rushing yards and 3,600 passing. This time I threw 29 TD's and this time only 4 picks. Although Matt didn't get to start all year, he ended up getting a scholorship to Auburn University which he accepted and he currently is a Sophmore and starting on the Varsity team. Now back to me, my Senior year was by far the best. I burned former records I set to the ground. I ran for 2,500 yards threw for 4,100 yards and threw 36 TD's and 1 Interception! To take the cake we were going to compete in the championship to decide the best High School football team in the state of Florida. This team also just happened to be the #1 team in all of America, St Thomas Aquinas. I threw for 310 yards threw 5 TD's and ran for 3. We took them out with a score of 35-6. I was on top of the world. And according to McShays Top 100 player list I WAS #1. Yeah me Cecil McDonald, #1. I was invited to participate in the Under Armor High School All-Star Game. Where I starred.

The original plan was for me to annonce where I would go there, but I cannot decide. I have narrowed my choices to either Florida, Cal, or the school that I have wanted to go to since I was a little kid, Texas A &M. That brings me to were I am today. Sitting in my room, looking over the three. As I was pondering my father, the biggest supporter in my life, entered my room.
"Listen Son," he began, "No matter what you do I will always be proud. What you did on the football field was great and all, but you always mainting your kindness, keeping up your grades, I couldn't of asked god for a better son. I love you son. I just wanted you to know that." I noticed in the corner of his eye he began to tear up. Which is amazing to see because he is an extremely tough man. He went to St Thomas Aquinas, the team we beat in the finals, although he wasn't a football star like me, he shined on the basketball court. He even made it the NBA playing for the Houston Rockets for 2 years before tearing his ACL and being forced to end his carrer. I love my Dad with everything. "I love you to Dad, that means a lot, hey do you mind stayin up here and helping me choose?" He looked up with a glistin in his eye. "Absouloutly." He pulled up  a chair and we began to discuss. My father started to get the macho back into him and let go of the inspirational Dad he just was, he always felt he needed to be strong for me. My mom died when I was 9 years old. I went into a depression until I was 12 and discovered the game of football. Back to college.

My Dad and I discussed for hours, not nesseserly about college, that only lasted about 20 minutes we talked about life, and mom, and other things. I was said to have to end the conversation when the phone rang. "Ill get it!" I said and ran downstairs to get the phone.

"Hello?" I said into to the caller.

"Is this Cecil McDonald" The caller said this in an exremely deep, calm voice, I thought for sure it was a recruiter, or maybe even a coach.

"Yes, yes it is, may I ask who is calling please?"

"You dont need to know that!" his voice suddenly changed into an angry tone.

"Uh, I dont know who you think you are but..." I was cut off by the man on the other line.

"Who I am is someone who can ruin your dreams, lets just call me Night Time Notetaker," I was in total confusion

"What do you want?" I said kind of confused, kind of nervous

"Listen, I have followed your carrer, from Freshamn Year on, I have been to every one of your games and have waited anioxsly for you to make a decesion, I knew in my heart you were gonna choose my alma mater, Michigan University. I was recently on your website and noticed it wasn't on your list of narrowed down colleges." I began to chuckle, I realized what this was, a little plea to make me go to the college he wanted.

"Ok Mr Notetaker Continue..." I couldn't help but chuckle, but the scary thing was he chuckled right back

"Ah, I didn't even get to the best part. If I dont see that list edited, with The University of Michigan on it, you are gonna pay." Thats when I stopped laughing. He began

"MUHAMUHAMUHAMUHA, Nighty Night Cecil, ill call back in the morning." I heard a click. This could be trouble.I had no idea what was to come.


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