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well what to sya i did a mock draft before the season and that has not panned out. i will show you my top 10 that i had. i had oher going first and andre smith 4th i had the dolphins at number 2 and the falcons at number one so yeah.


here is my revised edition. 2009 NFL FIRST ROUND MOCK DRAFT

1. Detroit Lions-Matthew Stafford- i know others are saying o line but without a qb whats the  use i see them getting an offensive lineman with there second first round pick.

2. i know andre smiith looks like the man but i think michael crabtree out of texas tech is in my mind the better pick just becasue tory holt is not getting younger they have no 3rd wr and who knows about injuries this is the right move right here.

3. i will go with mark sanchez from usc with the 3rd pick to the cheifs since i know tyler is good but this will make a godo backup plan to starter plan just in case.

4. i like andre smith heading to the seahawks. they need an o-lineman more then a wr i mean did you see matt and senaca take all those hits last year nad andre is a big 6-5 339 lb lineman who can put the hurt on others.

5.- in turn i think that Aaron curry is the best fit hrere because they can just get a rb in the 2nd round and the man think here is Aaron knows what he is doing and will make a good pick. teh browns should love having him.

6. Eugene Monroe is the best pick right now for the bengals. he is a good 6-6 325 lbs so he is mighty big enough to guard others and i like the way he just does not allow sacks he looks like to me the best pick to get rid of or move levi jones over and put him in at left tackle or something.

7. Michael Oher is my choice  here since jamarcus russel i noticed can play but there were no targets and no protection. i think sicne michael is  6-5 309 lbs he is big enough and i like the way he turns solid qb's into mcuh more and he can really help with jamarcus and the whole team.

8. i heard it and i belevie it rey maualuga to the jags. herres why i know this already mike peterson and jack del rio dont get along eh will be turnign 33 soon mike and he is not what he once was. rey is 6-3 254 lbs so he can muscle and beat his way by defenders. godo pick  right here,

9. there is no reason for malcom jjennings not to go to green bay. they need some more help if they get malcom then there set for the next 5 or so years which is what i see hapening with this pick.

10. everette brown out of fsu is a good pick and prospect and i think san fran nneds to actually pressure the qb. they get no sacks last year with  parys harilson getting 8 but he is a linebacker and justin smith had 7 and he is a de so i thin k brown would be a good partner.

11. i like the idea of jason smith ot the bills he is a good player wh does not complain and is probally one of the best players from the big 12 in recent memory at his position. he  could bery likely help out with trent edwards.

12. there no question of the james laurinaitis of osu landign in denver. he is a soldi lb and is a good player who can definetly give the broncos soemthing to work with.

13. brian orakpo to dc is very possible this texas player really can play he is 6-4  260 lbs so he would ovrmatch opponents but the only problom is how well would he fit in with a system. but with 10.5 sacks last year that shouldnt be to much of a concern. the sins should love him

14. vonte davis will go here but the saints really do need an olb. brian cushing is the only other opption but come on vontae davis or brina cushign take your pick. besides cb is a oncern for them i mean can you name any cb or saftey for the saints last year?

15. with the top 2 cb's out and an unlikely pick of a rb i bet wiliam moore out of missouri will go to the texans. it just makes sense they have no solid saftey or anything close nad moore is a good player with long arms.

16. i dont care what people say it will be chris wells holdign up that chargers jersey. he is an electrifying prospect with breakout spped and muscle nad would be a very good pick right now.

17. michael johnson to the jets from g-tech is a very good posilbiltiay considering there current starters

18. i really like the idea and great possibility of duke robinson to the bears. they would fill the gap at og by thispick nad wouldbe able to focus on wr in the next round no matter how much they dont want one.

19. bj ragi from bc is the right move right now. there at a loss and he would be the best fit for the tampa system and i think he has a great possibily and chance of starting for the team that drafts him.

20.with one of the msot shocking picks i like dj moore to the lions for a few reasons. he is versatile can play a cb or saftey and with the lions gettingeat ofn every pssesion last year this just makes sense.

21. i agree completley with brandon pettigrew from oklahoma state to the eagles because lj smith come on.

22. eban britton from arizona seems right  to go to the  vikings. there defese is great in all but the offense neds help with the o-line. i agree tavaris and gus werent the best options but the o-line sure didnt help out much.

23. louis delmas to the pats is not far off. considerign they had no deep ball protection last year and nothing worth a crap in the secondary. i dont htink andyone can name all there starters lat year in th secodnary.

24. peria johnson to thefalcons from ole miss and thats final.

25. larry english from northern illinois to miami is defeinetly a strong possibillity. heres why consider the success of NIU prospects int the nfl mainly michael turner. larry can play olb  or de which makes him the perfect choice.

2. jermey macklin to the ravens[my fav team] is a good possibility.conside teh fact that wr's slipped completley last year i think jeremy slips and baltimore jsut grabs him up right here no heisitaiton.

27 i am possitive with a dt to the colts. have you seen the way they looked this year vs the chargers. jsut whoa and who can fix that sen'derrick  marks from auburn.

28. the eagles with another first rounder land william beatty from uconn. eh will be the first uconn player selected since the eagles definetly could use another o-lineman.

29. i see brian cushing going to the big apple since is a big concern forthe gints who jsut ahve not ahd a consistent olb would be a good move to make.

30. why do people think that percy harvin will go to tennessee. i will tell you why i am one of these people and maybe just maybe the titans will finally get you need to have a wr in the nfl. they will get percy because they know jeremy gage is not the answer.

31. obvious right here knowshon moreno to the cards sicne james wont be back next year and tim hightwoer is  not the answer.

32. phil loadholt from oklahoma would make sense here. he is a border lien first roudner nad the steelers do notice talent very well and this is a good move to improve on there lack of an offensive lien.



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