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I love those times when you can equally balance out a blog post among all three major sports (sorry, hockey fans, until your sport gets a real commissioner and a real following besides boxing fans, no dice)

So, Tom Hicks wants to reacquire Alex Rodriguez, huh? I tell you, it was getting really Deja Vu in here when I saw the rumor that there would be a 10-year contract as part of the deal. Now, considering his last 10-year contract was worth upwards of 25 mil per year, and taking into consideration the fact that his performance has remained top tier, let's see, that would equate to, hell, just give him the Liverpool soccer team, his own private jet, locker room, and a lifetime supply of tank tops for his wife and we'll call it even.

But seriously, there is no way A-Rod is coming back to Texas. Yes, he put up some monster numbers when he was here before, and no one denies his ability. But A-Rod is not a team player. Proof of that comes in his characterization of the Rangers as "24 kids and me" the year before he got traded to the Yankees. By the way, those "24 kids" included Pudge Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira and Rafael Palmeiro.

Technically, he can opt out of his deal, but that is the best hope the Rangers have, aside from a swap for Teixeira and half the farm system.

Getting to Vick, AKA "Bad News", I guess Bad News is coming. I'd heard the feds had found dog carcasses on the property, and now that they apparently found more, I think it's time for Mr. Petrino to start praying for Brian Brohm in the 2008 NFL Draft, because the only league Vick will be playing in is the APL- American Penal League. What excuse does Gerald Poindexter have now? I had offered a theory once in an earlier blog that he was either a black racist or a white coward after he suggested the FBI investigation of Vick may be racially motivated. Apparently, the first answer was correct, and if he is protecting Vick, then he needs to be brought up on charges of obstructing justice. I'm sick and tired of everything in this country being about race. No one is special because they are white, black, hispanic, or Cablinasian. If you really want to get technical about it, people in this country have a right to be prejudiced, but there is a difference between prejudice and racism. And Gerald Poindexter's actions here suggest reverse racism.

Now for Mr. Yi. This young Sino-hip hop wannabe better get with the program. If he wants to play basketball in America, he and his handlers better start liking Milwaukee pretty freakin quick. Because he's not going anywhere, except maybe back to the Chinese League, and no one ever made the Hall of Fame playing games in Peking. His refusal to meet with the Bucks' owner shows a complete lack of respect and maturity. I mean the guy can't even speak freakin English and he's already demanding a trade. There comes a time, even in America, when being nice and conciliatory just isn't going to cut it. Yi entered this draft, which means he wants to come here. Let's see how badly he wants it.


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