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If you have never been part of a Super Bowl experience, this is for you.  If you have ever wondered what really goes on in a city during a Super Bowl, this is for you.  I have lived in Tampa, FL for five years and over the last five days I was able to experience truly a once in a lifetime experience.  Where to begin?  Well lets first start with the security. 

I have seen FBI, ATF, DEA, local and state law enforcement but never all of them on the scale that they were over the last week here in Tampa.  I showed my son an amphibious tank they had for any kind of threat that would have came by way of the Bay.  I had no idea those things were used for anything other than the military, but there was the logo on it, TPD.  (Tampa Police Department)  Next a leasurely drive down Dale Mabry has me paranoid for no reason because three F.B.I. suv's are suddenly behind me.  (Don't worry mom they don't give out speeding tickets).  I remember saying to my buddy, now I see why they never worry about terrorism during these games, Tampa was probably the safest place in the world.

Celebrities.  Celebrities.  Celebrities.  I have had the honor in my lifetime to meet a lot of famous people so I am not easily star struck.  But the list of stars was enough to make even Larry King turn his head.  Micheal Jordan and Derek Jeter, where else, the Hard Rock Casino.  Diddy and his entourage everywhere.  Every rapper and wanna be producer in the nation all over Ybor City.  I got someone's card getting gas because he "was the biggest up and coming producer in the nation".  I smiled and said "Dude, I am getting gas and I have nothing to do with music, but if I run into Diddy this weekend I'll pass it off to him"  This guy actually said "Thanks bro I appreciate it any help I can get".  I am thinking "Would I be driving a 96 Dodge Caravan if I knew Diddy you Moron".  Sorry getting sidetracked.  Oh yeah celebrities.  Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson, and Carmen Electra all had tables at Jackson's over the weekend.  Just so you know, it was 10 grand per table.  I tried, I was only $9,800 short.  The A list was here, but I still presently sit at around the F- list.  Finally it was topped off with the Boss.  What a concert and yes you could hear him from the parking lot and see the fireworks.

Fans were everywhere.  I have to be honest.  It seemed like the city of Pittsburgh was here.  They are a rowdy bunch, I have to say.  The Arizona fans were more mellow and serene like they were taking it all in.  The Steeler fans, well they expected to win and let EVERYONE know it.  The take away message from the fan standpoint.  Cardinal fans cool, you can drink a beer with them.  Steeler fans, don't say anything bad about the Steelers.  What do you people drink in Pennsylvania?  You guys are crazy and belligerant when it comes to your teams.  But hey you win so whateva.

The game was great.  My heart actually broke for Larry Fitzgerald.  Did everyone catch him saying No, No No, No, No when Santonio Holmes pulled in the winning touchdown.  That was almost as bad as Kevin Dyson's eyes when he was pulled down a yard short of the endzone a few years back.

What a game, what a week...... I can't wait to go to Miami for the next Super Bowl.


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