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Ayo... what it is FN. Damn, it's been a while since I've done this blogging, and let's see if I remember how it's done.

Ok anyways, this blog. Some of you may remember me, and you newer ones have no idea who I am. Anyways, just to get some formalities out of the way: I am Esco, a.k.a. Escobar Caesar (shamelessly stole from my favorite rapper, the great Nasir Jones). 16 year old dun originally from Brooklyn, and moved to Ohio at about 2 months. Proudly bleed scarlet, gray, wine and gold (the colors of Ohio State and the Cleveland Cavaliers in case you don't know. Hey, I don't know what you people know). Also, I feel as if I should explain my NFL allegiances for future reference. There were no Cleveland Browns when I started watching football between the ages of 5 and 7. I was going to be a Steelers fan to be like my father (back in Brooklyn), but at the egging of my brother, who is a Browns fan and has an extremely frosty relationship with our dad, I went with a different team. They were the Miami Dolphins. And, so, in a few years, I became a fan of the Dolphins, Browns after they returned, ad secretly the Steelers. I say secretly because at 8 with an 18 year-old older brother, you don't have much say. He told me not to become a Steelers fan, and I didn't. At least, not to his face. I was thus thrust into the precarious position of being an undercover pre-pubescent Pittsburgh fan in a family of rabid Browns backers. Eventually, I just gave in to being a Browns fan and becoming "positively indifferent" to the Steelers (I coined that phrase). It has come up regularly to me that I may have chose the wrong side of the rivalry, which cumulated in Sunday's Super Bowl victory for the Steelers. I've often wanted to switch sides, but fearing the labels of "bandwagon fan" and "traitor" I have not. And on Sunday night, I made sure to call my brother and curse him to hell for making me become a fan of this godforsaken Browns franchise. Don't get me wrong, I love the Browns, it's the whole reason of WHY I'm a fan of them that irks me.

Alright, I got that out the way. Anyways, what about me could you find interesting that is pseudo-related to sports... um... that Browns/Steelers paragraph is the most interesting sports story I have at this time. So I guess I'll talk about some FN things that may interest you... member of the notorious dead-to-FN Atroo Grou, co-creator of the Hip-Hop Fan Group (fat shouts to J.Hova, efbasketball, Agrippa, Big Ben68 and Danbash) and, I was at one time, an avid, active user. The changing in format and loss of many people I talked to on here resulted in my leaving the site for five months. What brings me back, you ask? Well, our northeastern-Ohio winters drove me indoors with nothing to do. That plus, the Hip-Hop Fan Group. So if you particularly enjoyed this blog (you didn't, don't lie) and wish to converse further with our esteemed writer, you could join the HHFG and participate in the fun, fun world of trying to maintain a Hip Hop group on snow-white FanNation (I, for one, am not part of that just-stated demographic, I'm black and 1/4 Dominican, which explains my picture. Which is an urbanized Dominican flag)

I find myself at a loss for words at this point. As an aspiring journalist (why would I want to go into a field that is, for all intents and purposes, dying? My mama's an English teacher and I love to write. Also, I'm hoping that either SLAM fires Lang Whitaker in 2012, Deadspin takes one look at my magnificence and hires me on the spot, or The Source realizes they need a kick in the ass and hire me. That last sentence may deter my dreams slightly, provided Will Leitch, Lang Whitaker or Jeremy tread upon my simple blog. And how about this giant sentence intrusion?) this is not a good thing. Sigh... oh well. Was this anything more than a temporary fix to my boredom? No, it was not. Eh. I should probably rectify this incoherent rambling that I call blogging.

This bring an end to my Seinfeld-esque blog (get it? It's about NOTHING!!!! I'm not funny.) Hope you enjoyed. If not, you can suck it.



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