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                                     Most Surprising

Texas A&M -
Who would have ever thought that the Aggies would have a top 25 recruiting class (#21) after a 4-8 year? Maybe it's partly because they are in Texas, arguably where the best high school players are, but you still have to give Coach Sherman and his staff credit for a good recruiting class.

Stanford - This really makes me believe that Jim Harbaugh is the coach who will turn the Cardinal around. Remember, THIS IS STANFORD, where a lot of smart people go and where it's harder for slightly-less smart people to go. They have the #19 best recruiting class. Scary. I believe that a bowl game will definately help Stanford get into at least the top 10 in recruiting and possibly help them contend for a PAC-10 title in the near future.

Michigan - I contemplated whether or not Michigan should go on this list. I decided to do so not because of their appearance in the top 25, but their spot as having the Seventh best Recruiting Class. This is coming off Michigan's worst year ever. This goes to show that last year was a fluke and that (sadly) the Wolverines will be dominant once again.

South Carolina - I really felt like Spurrier's tenure at South Carolina would not last much longer after the Gamecocks struggled against Iowa in the Outback Bowl. I'm really surprised that South Carolina had the 12th best recruiting class. A fact that made me decide that South Carolina had to be on this list is that they had a better recruiting class than Oklahoma!

Arkansas -
The Razorbacks had the best recruiting class of a school that did not have a winning season last year (Arkansas finished with a 5-7 record). The Hogs had the second most signees in the Top 25 (behind Ole Miss, where former HC Houston Nutt is running the ship). I am almost ready to guarantee that Arkansas will be in a bowl game next year (If not, Petrino might bolt for another job).

                                   Most Disappointing 

- A recruiting class that's 13th in the nation isn't bad, but I believe that coming off a season where the Sooners went 13-2 they should have had at least a Top 5 class. By's standards, no 5 star recruits signed on to be a Sooner. Boomer Sooner? How 'bout Bummer Sooner?

Utah - Probably my most disappointing team. They went 13-0, yet they barely cracked the Top 50 (44th). You want to know why Utah won't ever get to play in the BCS Title game? No, not because the BCS is biased, but because the Utes cannot recruit talent that will ever lead them to the game. Sorry if it's insulting, it's suppose to be.

Georgia Tech - Paul Johnson surprised everyone when he led Tech to a 9-4 record in his first year as head coach. I've heard from everyone how he's gonna get Tech real good when he gets his players. Maybe his players just aren't top rated compared to everyone else. 21 players committed to GT, no 5 star players and only 1 four star player. Is Georgia Tech going to struggle in the future? I say no. But they will have success with players who big schools don't want. "One man's trash...."

Texas Tech - This situation is a lot like Oklahoma's: They only lost two games all year, but the best they could do was 34th. They actually tied with Virginia, a team that didn't make a bowl game last year. The Red Raiders are not going to be anywhere near as good as they were last year, and that's a fact.

Louisville - You may wonder why I have the Cardinals, a team that went 5-7 last year, on this list. I guess it's kind of my personal feelings, as I believe this bad recruiting class (76th in nation) basically means that Louisville is no longer a contender and that Steve Kragthorpe probably won't be inducted in the Louisville Hall of Fame. Heck, I doubt he'll even be in Louisville in a year or two. I wish him the best of luck, as I think it will be a miracle if this team wins eight games in the near future. 



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