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Joe Dew

Feb 5th 2009

Ok i took a couple weeks off. It could be the economy so i have been trying to actually work while i am on work to make better money. We have been busy lately which i wont complain about. So here is the Power Ranking...

Here is the last power ranking.

High Riser this week- 18- (23) New York

Pitiful Faller this week- 12- (8) Phoenix

1-(3) Boston - Back on top, looking strong and in a better position to stay on top with the injury to Jameer Nelson on the Magic.

2-(2) Cleveland- Lebron just got off that amazing 52 point triple double game last night at MSG. Big Z is back and Mo Williams could be an all star after all.

3-(4) L.A. Lakers- Well Kobe also lit up the Knicks at MSG this week and had 61 points. Andrew Bynum is now injured... again

4- (1) Orlando- The Good: 3 All Stars, The Bad: 1 injured Jameer Nelson

5-(5) San Antonio- Staying at that number 5 spot and rolling strong.

6- (6) Denver- Well Melo is not an ALL STAR and has been playing to prove that he is one, good thing for Denver.

7- (10) Portland- Not hearing much about Portland Lately but they are making believers of me. I thought there production would drop off about now. We are only half way through the season and they are playing pretty good ball with that All Star of theres.

8- (7) New Orleans- David West is back and is an All Star. I am still a little angry about it since i believe that Al Jefferson, Kevin Durant, Paul Millsap, and Melo were all more deserving.

9- (13) Dallas- Mavericks @ Utah tonight and its on TNT. You bet ill be watching!

10-(9) Houston- Can we change their names to Doctors, glass, or Injury Bugs?

11- (15) Atlanta- They are quietly staying among the playoff teams in the East. Mike Bibby and Joe Johnson have been very consistent and the obvious leaders of this young team.

12- (8) Phoenix- I dont know even if i agree with putting the Suns this low. SO let me explain, my boss is a Suns fan and i thought it would anger him a little to have the Jazz above... Shaq has been a MONSTER this year. J Rich is a great addition to the team as well.

13- (16) Miami- Can D Wade stay at this level of play all season long. IT will be enough to make the playoffs but what about going beyond that?

14-(14) Detroit- So when will this team start lighting up the NBA. THey are capable, look great on paper but havent really pulled it out yet.

15-(11) Utah- Oh its been a rough year for injuries but after the All Star break Kirilenko and Boozer should return. Things should be better in the 2nd half of the season. Williams recently called out the teams effort as well for not playing Team Ball.


16- (12) Philadelphia- Can they get Elton Brand back into the mix of the team and keep the winning up.

17- (18) Charlotte- Well i watched the Bobcats @ Jazz game the other night and was angered in the first quarter when the Jazz kept settling for Jumpers. Well they figured it out and won the game but the Bobcats really need Wallace back.

18- (23) New York- The biggest news in MSG this week was Kobe and Lebron lighting up the knicks, how sad.

19- (21) Indiana- Danny Granger is an All Star, they got something right.

20- (22) Minnesota- Best team in January in the entire NBA. AL Jefferson not an all star, very disappointing.

21- (17) Milwaukee -Michael Redd out for the seasons and the bucks are now out of the playoff picture. So now we have Raymond Sessions back on my fantasy team.

22- (19) Chicago- Uhh Captain Kirk is back! D Rose is going to be the Rookie of the year.

23- (20) New Jersey- I think Vince Carter is a little angry about not making the all star team, he lit it up last night.

24- (25) Golden State- So maybe we can stop the moped jokes now since Monta can still play.

25- (24) Toronto- "Lets get a trade deal going because what we got is not working."- Jerry Colangelo

26- (26) Memphis- Anyone see the Rudy Gay article in Slam about him being sick of hearing about his potential

27- (27) Oklahoma City- I still hate their jerseys! I wanted to see Westbrook in the Dunk Contest.

28- (28) Sacramento- Brad Miller, is he staying or going now?

29- (29) L.A. Clippers- Kaman is back from injury but it might not matter at this point.

30- (30) Washington- THey are the worst, again and again. Dont think it was coach Jordan afterall.



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