It will be interesting to see what the Browns do with yet another top 10, er top 5 pick. Where do you start? We could draft Jenkins and solidify our CB position, but Wright and Co. didn't play all that bad last year, and they're young with a lot of upside. Do we draft Curry to solidify our LB corp? Think about it, Rogers eating up blocks in the middle to let a corp of Curry, Wimbley, Jackson and Davis terrorize offenses. That could be scary. If the Browns draft defense, in the 1st and/or 2nd round, I cannot blame them. However, I don't think that will solve all of their problems. We seem to always go for the flashy name with a lot of upside, rather than proven talent, if there is such a thing coming out of college. Look back at past draft and see how badly we messed up. '99 - we took Couch over McNabb and Culpepper. Granted Culpepper is washed up now, but his career was far better than Couch, and sadly enough, longer. Not to mention we took Couch over the likes of Edge, Tory Holt, and Bailey to name a few. I understand that  QB is the cornerstone of a new franchise, but if you think Couch is the answer because he had 1 good yr at UK, then fire everyone involved in scouting and start over. In '00 we took Courtney Brown over Arrington, Plax, Urlacher, and Jamal Lewis. All of which had much better, some Hall of Fame, careers. Where's Brown now, and what did he do for us, or any other team? Fast forward another year. '01 - no. 3 pick, Gerard Warren. Really? Over LT, Seymour, and even Deuce? OK, Deuce is a long stretch for the no. 3 pick, but the other 2 were not. LT is a sure fire HOFer. Warren, not so much. '02 - we're out of the top 10 and into the top 16. But again, we miss big time. Willie Green. Hmm, at least he provided a few memorable moments, such as running the Browns into their 1st playoff game since they returned against the Falcons. However, we took Green over Ed Reed, Javon Walker, and Lito Sheppard. Who are our talent scouts? 4th graders? No, surely not, they could have done better than that.  We also missed out on Portis that yr in the 2nd rd, by taking Davis at LB. I won't argue this one too much, because Davis has been solid for us. But overall, I owuld take Portis in a do over. '03 - Wow, out of the top 20, into the top 25. Here's what gets me, teams like Pittsburgh, Indy, and New England pick around here perpetually and continuously find home runs. Maybe our luck will change this yr. Not exactly. Jeff Faine @ no. 21. Faine over McGahee, ok he was coming off a MAJOR injury, Dallas Clark, LJ, and Asomugha. Yet another 1st rd wasted. '04 - back in the top 10. Nice pick finally. And, surprise, he's still with the team! Winslow is a hell of a player who would be even better if he embraced the team 1st mentality that a lot of greats do. However a few picks later, Pittsburgh makes a rare trip to the top 15 and takes now 2 time Super Bowl champ Big Ben. Other than him, all we missed out on in this draft was Steven Jackson. Overall, nice 1st rd for a change. '05 - back at home in the top 3. Braylon Edwards. I think this is a good pick. He's had 1 monster yr, and arguably 1 or 2 solid to OK years. I think if he drops the dropsies, he could be a Fitzgerald-type reciever and make the same kind of impacy he does. Once again, I won't argue with their pick here. Reviewing that draft, there were a TON of busts. I would take Braylon over most, especially the top 2. He's about even with Brown in my opinion in that they've both only had 1 great yr. '06 - no. 13 pick - Wimbley. Good pick. With a better DL and another strong OLB, he'll be a beast. Do you think J. Harrison from the Steelers would have had such a monster yr if Woodley didn't dominate his side of the ball? Of course not. '07 - Thomas and Quinn. Thomas was a hell of a pick, even though Peterson would have been better. Jury is still out on Quinn. Ket him get a full season or 2 under his belt before we can say he was worth it. However, trading our 08 pick for Quinn ended up being a better decision than most thought. Who would've guessed they would go 10-6? Don't froget we also got Wright in the 2nd rd. Then of course in 08 we had no 1st rounders. So who know what this yr will bring. We could use another WR b/c Stalworth can't stay healthy, Jurevicius is best in the slot as a no.3 , and no one else has really stepped up in the WR corps. However, Crabtree will most likely be gone, and no other WR deserves to go that high. I say we go D in the 1st rd and hope the O stays healthy this yr and comes out to play. Hopefully Mangini's disciplinary style will have more impact that RAC's lack thereof. Let me know what you think!!!


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