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2009 Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs: Leslie Frazier
Currently D-Coord with the Vikings.
Runs a 4-3, believes in big D-Lines.

A little history:
A little more here: (Focus on 07-08)

I was going back and forth in my mind between he and Hailey - but he's served under Reid and Dungy - assistant to Dungy as well as DB Coack back in 05-07 (Super Bowl winners in 06 I believe) Hailey I worry is a product of his environment, not the environment being a product of him. He comes from the Parcels tree of coaching - from what I heard he acts just like him...but I don't like how he went from "just another young OC" to "the hottest coaching candidate out there" because of a good playoff run. Ken Wisenhunt and Russ Grimm had a lot to do with that as well. So I went with the guy who already runs a 4-3 and I think our current crop of youngsters would do well under this guy.

I realize also that our offense was anemic at best but having played under Reid and Dungy (The Eagles and Colts have been known to have good offenses) I think he'd approach the offensive side of the ball with that same "attack" mentality.

2009 Wish List of Players to be Cut / Traded

Larry Johnson - RB
Damon Huard - QB
Brodie Croyle - QB
Donnie Edwards - OLB
Pat Surtain - CB
Ingle Martin - QB
...every one of the grocery store clerks we picked up over the last two months

2009 Free Agent Wish List

Jordan Gross - OT - Carolina Panthers
Stacey Andrews - OT - Cincinnati Bengals
Chris Kemoeatu - OG - Pittsburgh Steelers
Julius Peppers - DE - Carolina Panthers
Terrell Suggs - DE - Baltimore Ravens
Albert Haynesworth - DT - Tennesee Titans
Leigh Bodden - CB - Detroit Lions
Depth in the Safety, CB, and PR/KR departments.

I understand we're something like $47,000,000 under the cap but we won't be getting all of these players (realistic, we may not get any of them). However of the ones I've doubled up on position wise, it's a take your pick sort of thing. I'd be happy with Gross or Andrews, etc... My draft/fa list is based around the current 4-3 defense. Dorsey lined up next to Haynesworth with a dominant end on one side and we're scary up front. More on my "ideal" depth chart after I present my mock draft.

2009 Draft Wish List

Round 1 - Aaron Curry - ILB - Wake Forest (Pick #3)
Round 2 - Michael Johnson DE/OLB - Ga. Tech (Pick #34)
Round 3 - Antoine Caldwell - C - Alabama (Pick #67)
Round 4 - Grahm Harrell - QB - Texas Tech (Pick #98)
Round 5 - Brandon Tate - WR - North Carolina (Pick #131)
Round 6 - Andy Kemp - OG - Wisconsin (Pick #162)
Round 7 - Ramon Foster - OT - Tennessee (Pick #195)

Possible Undrafted Free Agents:

Chase Daniel - QB - Missouri
Dallas Reynolds - OT - BYU
Todd Boeckman - QB - Ohio State
Aaron Kelly - WR - Clemson
Jon Cooper - C - Nebraska

2009 Depth Chart

QB: Tyler Thigpen - I'm not sold on him yet, but like Cassel, he's only had a year to show off. Cassel was on a superbowl calibur team, Thiggy was not.
QB: Grahm Harrell - Ideal size and quick release. Moves a bit like Drew Bledsoe though
QB: Quinn Grey - A servicable backup with some wheels.

I'm strangely OK with our running game if our line is shored up a little

RB: Jamaal Charles
RB: Kolby Smith
RB: Jackie Battle
FB: Mike Cox - he did ok for a rookie

This is assuming Tony G likes my plan of not rebuilding ;)

TE: Tony G
TE: Brad Cottam
TE: Michael Merritt (if this whole busted for pot thing doesn't kill his career)

Our receivers (if Bowe would hold on to the easy ones) are servicable. Bowe and Bradley (when healthy) may not strike fear into the hearts and minds of the casual NFL fan - but they complement one another and we could be doing worse.

WR: Dwayne Bowe
WR: Mark Bradley
WR: Devard Darling
WR: Will Franklin
WR: Brandon Tate

Our Line, according to my plan, will pick up a new right side in FA, draft a OC that can start right away, and leave the left side alone.

LT: Branden Albert
LT: Ramon Foster

LG: Brian Waters
LG: Andy Kemp

OC: Antoine Caldwell
OC: Herb Taylor

RG: Chris Kemoeatu
RG: Adrian Jones

RT: Jordan Gross / Stacey Andrews
RT: Barry Richardson

I've opted to go with a 7 man rotation on the D'line. Two key additions (DT and DE) should bolster our overall performance by leaps and bounds. I chose Haynesworth for a few reasons over Rocky Bernard and Jovan Haye, though Haye is younger and has some upside. He'll sell tickets. He'll be a face of the defense or a face among a fantastic line to be feared. We'll have two big run stoppers and some athletic ends. Along with the coaching provided by the guy who runs the best D-Line (in my opinion) in Minny, we'll be doing alright up front for a change. Jumbo set on D with Tyler, Haynesworth, and Dorsey I'd imagine would prevent a lot of up the gut 3'rd and short TD's. I haven't given up on Hali - but I chose to Draft Johnson because he's a very very capable DE - but is a freakish athlete and can play LB as well. I'm still about 2 seconds away from penciling him into the LE spot and trading Hali.

LE: Tamba Hali
LE: Turk McBride

RT: Albert Haynesworth
RT: Tank Tyler

LT: Glen Dorsey
LT: Alfonso Boone

RE: Julius Peppers / Terrell Suggs
RE: Turk McBride (7 Man D-Line Rotation, is that enough?)

Our linebackers were a joke last year (and the year before that, and the year before that, etc..) Our number one draft pick and our number two draft picks are big, strong, fast, and have good football instincts. Both are freaks of athletes and are highly coachable. I think playing along side people that can push DJ will help him out.

LOLB: Michael Johnson
LOLB: Demorrio Williams

MLB: Arron Currey
MLB: Pat Thomas

ROLB: Derrick Johnson - I think this is DJ's year to prove himself if he wants to get paid.
ROLB: Rocky Boiman (good special teamer I believe)

Our secondary is nearly untouched, save for some cheaper FA depth signings. Bodden may not come cheap but I really think his style of play will help develop our "Corner Kids" along quite nicely. Last year aside (he was with Detroit) he was a fantastic defender for the Browns.
LCB: Brandon Carr
LCB: Corey Ivy*** (UFA - Baltimore)

RCB: Brandon Flowers
RCB: Justin Miller*** (UFA - Oakland)

Nickle: Leigh Bodden

SS: Bernard Pollard (but I think Dejuan Morgan should get a *long* look)
SS: Dejaun Morgan

FS: Jarrad Page
FS: Tank Williams*** (UFA - New England)

Special Teams is acceptable if Dustin can stay healthy.

P: Dustin Colquitt
K: Connor Barth


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