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Great title, huh?  I write a solid instruction blog for a game that a large percentage of Fannation plays and I get 20 readers.  I write a whinning ode to the idiot A-Rod, and I get close to 100 readers.  Go figure.  But I look back, and my top read blogs have been ones with some sort of sex in the title, so why not?

Anyway, in case you missed my bragging Saturday night/Sunday morning, I did win another 20-person tournament this weekend, so my February has started off as good as my January ended.   Busy multi-game week coming up, so my entire month's success or failure will be decided in the next 8 days.

Today I'm going to give you a couple of places to practice your poker skills.  In fact, in one of them you can actually LEGALLY win some money.

First is by joining either Facebook or Myspace.  They have a free NL Poker game there that is great practice for playing most home games.  Everyone there bets and calls with wild abandonment, so if you can win there, you can win your home game.  The key on this site is PATIENCE.  Then again, did you think I was ever going to use another word to discuss poker?

The second site I highly recommend is a new one called Spade Club.  I hope Fannation doesn't mind a link there, but they don't even recognize poker at SportsIllustated, so they better not.

Anyway, at SpadeClub you pay a set amount each month and play in tournaments, cash (points) games, play for real cash prizes, compete in Player of the Year tracking, play for seats at the World Series, etc.  I'm actually pretty impressed.  And at $19.95 a month, or even less if you purchase an annual membership, its a pretty sweet deal. 

In addition to the game play, there's also educational material, member blogs (ya think I'll start posting this blog there?), and other great stuff.

Now, in the interest of honestly, they do reward recruiters.   So if you do decide to sign in, please use my screen name (BucYou) when you do so I get credit for this blog.  And then if you like it, share it with your friends for the same benefit.  I'm really not writing this for anything other than information, but what the heck.  They'll either pay out the recruiting reward or just pocket it if you don't put my account name in there. 

Anyway, if you do join, please send me your account name so we can link up and play some poker.

Wish me luck this weekend.....or even better, wish me skill.  There's a lot of money to be made if I can keep my head on straight.



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