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Well to start, I couldn't really think of a title for everything I wanted to write about so I winged it.  I don't know what that is saying about my creativity going forward with this blog but I guess we will give it a go.

"I felt so much pressure after signing my $252M contract and felt that I needed to live up to expectations....." Blah Blah Blah.  Are you serious?  A-Rod, come'on bro.  Really?  Thats it?  First of all you are asking us to believe that you only took steriods from 01-03 however your body started building up the two summers before you were a free agent up there in Seattle.  The best part of your admission was that it was "culturely acceptable"  I gaurantee those words came directly from Boras.  Because the fact of the matter, as much as you are a cheater, you are right.  Baseball didn't have any rules to the fact that it was CHEATING.  (See my blog on Barry Bonds from back when he was indicted).  I loved the article in SI that talked about how much more terrible (Don't worry about proper english guys I am on a roll) Alex will be in clutch situations with fans across the country either a) chanting A-Roid b) chanting A-Fraud or c) my favorite and so Barry-esque throwing syringes on the field.  I am going to go to a costume store just to find out if I can buy either a syringe outfit or something of that sort for the Rays home opener this year.  Funny but the season tickets our family has just happen to be on the 3rd baseline.  hmm....Maybe I will make Sportscenter.  Remember you heard it here first.

Next month the Madness begins.  I have to say this year will be special.  It won't be any different than any of the past few years with Duke leaving in the first or second round.  How are these guys ranked #3 in the country again?  Really?  Coach K is great but his teams the last few years have been really, well, disappointing.  Someone is in his pocketbook to help with recruits but for some reason they are still staying away from Durham.  Maybe they will prove me wrong and squeek out a close one with UNC.  I just don't see it.  I see UNC besting them by at least 15.  Any one wanna take a stab at their sleeper team before they even select the teams for the big dance?  Mine is the Golden Gophers.  Tubby has got those boys playing well.

I think as average fans we are quick to get upset with millionaires whining because they are making only a few million here a few million there.  Anquon Boldin from the Cardinals had a justifiable argument for a day or two.  Here is an All-Pro wide-out that can change the dynamics of a game only getting $20M over 4 years.  Yes that is still five million a year, however it is pennies compared to the top WR's in the league.  Terrell Owens was paid a $12.5M signing bonus last year, Randy Moss caked in $11.25M in salary last year and Boldin's high flying buddy Larry Fitzgerald pulled down a cool $10M.  So even though he is a No. 2 receiver on his team, does that necessarily mean he should be paid No.2 or No. 3 money?  Absolutely not.  So I had his back.  And that my friends, is something money can not buy.  Until Fitz made the unexpected move of offering to restructure his deal and take less money.  Basically saying "Hey stay here, we can make the same amount of money and still win together".  At that point Mr. Boldin the jury sees you for your true colors.  Sorry but Larry Fitzgerald is a better player than you and he is offering to cut his salary to match yours meaning you both get 30 over 4 years so you guys can continue to tear up the league and you're not happy?  Bro I can't help you.  Understand at $20M you are set for life, but then a buddy offers you $10M of his own money basically and you tell everyone its not enough?  T.O. wannabe.

Speaking of T.O.  Did everyone get the newest issue of Sports Illustrated yet?  If not go buy it.  In it you will catch some words from Joe Montana that really hit home for T.O.  They were something like "I would play him the tapes through the media and tell him thats why I don't throw you the ball because you don't catch it"  I absolutely loved that.  I have been saying that about Terrell for years that he drops more open passes than any "great" receiver I have ever seen.  But on a positive side T.O. you're endzone celebrations are great just hold on to the freakin football.




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