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Welcome to the night life. I know I haven't been around in a few months. That whole "work" thing gets in the way, and in this economy, well, you all take third place. No Offense. FN moves too fast and I have a job to do that pays me to make my mortgage, so well, you know, it's one or the other.

Today's drink special are Kamikaze shots. 25 cents each with a limit of 12 per customer. Per Hour. So drink up so we can discuss the stories that I find either odd, fishy, fascinating or just interesting.

We will call my new blog series "Do You See what I See?"

I'm going to touch on all 5 sports, just to show, I am as well rounded as the next person - in sports. My hips have nothing to do with this.

Roberto Alomar's girlfriend has filed a lawsuit. She claims that he exposed her to AIDS by "demanding" that they have unprotected sex" despite "obvious signs of AIDS". (Lets very deep breath out before continuing). Ok, show of hands. How many of us, regardless of the length of the relationship would have unprotected sex with someone who shows "obvious signs" of a virus that there is no cure for and you will surely die from? Isn't that kind of like playing Russian Roulette? Seriously, even if you're married to the person and you "suspect" HIV or god-damn, even ****, do you still say "uh , honey, you don't want a condom? OK baby, whatever you want." Let's face it. IF this story indeed has merit, then the woman is a fool and the judge should just look at her and say "You Are A Moron - case dismissed". Why do we keep rewarding people for not showing common sense or for Pete's Sake, just some sort of survivalist instinct? Never mind, that SHE says he tested positive, but she has not. (By the way, there has not been a public record of him testing positive, just her say so in the lawsuit). She wants 15 million in damages. Hmm. Do you see what I see? Because I see a major scam here.

Wonder what Tom Brady is doing right now? (Tom, on beach, rubbing my shoulders with).. oh. Sorry. Got carried away. Anyway. Brett Favre, the iconic symbol of the Green Bay Packers - nay, the symbol of the NFL for an entire generation, retired today.
Again. For the second time, Brett has hung up the cleats and said he's all done. Now, one has to wonder, was it the dissension in the Jets clubhouse? Nah, that couldn't be. That clubhouse hasn't been united since Namath. Could it be comments made by teammates when the Jets season was pitifully but accurately predicted? (and over?)  Comments by a loud mouth rusher for instance? Nah, I think not. Could it be that Favre figured out that the AFC East is a WHOLE lot harder than the NFC North? He didn't have to play the Patriots twice a year in the NFC. Or the resurging Dolphins. Or even the "Here we are! We're Back, but We aren't Staying ! " Bills.
Or maybe, Brett got out of bed one day and said, "Darlin, I can make more money sitting in a booth one day a week than working six 12 hour days and then getting my ass kicked in the AFC". Do you see what I see? Because I see a man who should have been a legend and now, is not - at least for the next 10 years.

Has it occured to anyone that the rankings in college hoops is seriously misguided? I mean really now. I love UConn. I do. Should they be #1 ?Not sure. The only time anyone from New England claims CT as a state is when UConn basketball is at the top. Otherwise, we just consider them part of the Tri State and we pay them no mind. The mens and womens teams are ranked at the top. I'm not so sure. If you look carefully at the schedules and games, should they be? By no means is NCAAMb as bad as the BSC but it's making the tournaments and March Madness less fun for me.

Yes, the NHL is alive and well. I'm not going to say that the Boston Bruins have the best record in the NHL. That would be too homer-like. The Beanpot tournament (which in college hockey is a huge deal) just finished. It's an amazing tournament. I assure you, if you can go to a college game in your area, GO ! Having attended Northeastern, I went to games and they were more exciting than the Bruins games I went to. Boston University, has won 29 times since the tournament started in 1952. Twenty Nine times. Wow. Boston College has taken it 14 times. BC is second behind BU. 29-14. If I'm a parent of a high school hockey player - and my brother is - Do you see what I see?

Washington DC
OK. You don't think that politics in Washington is a sport? Here are my criteria for sports.
1. There must be opposition with one team vying against another.
2. There must be stars of each team that we can love or hate
3. We have to despise the things that some of the "players" or "owners" get away with- when "we the people" have no chance at that.
4.  Must have the cash and contacts to get high priced hookers and escorts that someone else pays for.
5. Must have bodyguards or a "posse".
Do you see what I see?

Just a thought, the Kamikazes are doing their job. ESPN or SI did a poll about the biggest rivalry in sports. The choices were Red Sox-Yanks, Duke-NC, TX-OK, or Celts-Lakers. Worldwide, Red Sox-Yanks won in a landslide. All of the others were regionally divided. TX of course voted TX-OK (they don't have another rivalry to speak of). NC - well of course, they went NC-Duke. But places in Europe, Asia, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Australia etc, all voted for the Sox and Yankees. Wow. That's what makes a great game. The world watching. Do you see what I see?
Better to watch a Sox Yanks game than watch the DOW.

Ok, that's it for today. What do YOU see?


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