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Now that we have our Head Coach in Hailey, I'll take a stab at trying to predict a reasonable staff.

Here is a list of what I think we may look like come draft time:

Head Coach: Todd Haley
Offensive Coordinator: Eric Price* (Chiefs)
Defensive Coordinator: Romeo Crennel (Browns)
Special Teams: Brian Stewart (Cowboys)
Offensive Line: Jack Henry (Chargers)
Tight Ends: Mike Maser (Dolphins)
Running Backs: Tony Nathan (49ers)
Wide Receivers: Noel Mazzone (Rams)
Defensive Line/Assistant Coach: Clancy Pendergast (Cardinals)
Secondary/DB: Lloyd Lee (Bears)

* indicates still under contract with the team

Admittedly, I'm skipping all the "Assistant" positions (assistant O-Line, etc...)

I think we look for someone other than Gailey to run this offense. I don't know that I agree with it but given how a first time head coach wants his own staff and put his stamp on it, I think Gailey is gone.

However, I'm not so sure it won't be a rookie to a coordinator position, Hailey is more than capable of calling the plays and a protoge wouldn't be so bad... so I'm going to completely contridict my first statement and say that Eric Price gets  the nod.

He's young, he's had coaching experience both in the NFL and in college and he knows our players. I think it would fit the mold that we're looking for - young, aggressive, and bright.

I had a lot of trouble trying to decide what I wanted in a DC. Assuming we get the ex-cards DC as a defensive position coach, I'd say we'd be safe having an old war horse at DC. He's got experience running the 3-4 and has some SuperBowl jewelry. I've scoured the coaching section looking for a younger guy on a hard hitting D but seems like all the position coaches are fairly old and haven't really excelled in anything but position coaching. Jim Hasslet crossed my mind, lives in Mo., has a history as a "defensive guy", etc.. but if we're trying to stick to a Parcells tree (and I don't know that we are) Romeo fits that bill. Having said all that, pulling someone from a younger rank is ok with me - this is just such a weird situation to be in the coaching market so late and not have the market saturated with qualified candidates.

Brian Stewart may sound like an off choice for a Special Teams coach, he is the former cowboys defensive corrdinator. I'm not letting his last title really get ahold of me, a coach is a coach to a certain degree. He came into the league with the Chargers in 02, assistant DB coach. Worked his way up. He's a football teacher - not just a position coach. I think it's a good balance if we have a few "teachers" on staff (Pendergast / Stewart) as well as people that might actually kill you / eat you (Hailey / Crennel). The case of stewart would mean more assistants to help the special teams specialists (Long Snap, Kicker, Punter, Holder) if he's never worked with them before, but those positions come cheap and it infuses new blood into the coaching pool.

Jack Henry has been around the NFL for quite some time. He's been on the staff where Barry Sandars had his 2000 yard season, helped the saints to a 1,000 yard rusher 5 years in a row, and coached the line that's let L.T., be, well, L.T. He's also familiar with the AFC West.

Mike Maser helped build one of the Panthers most dominate lines ever, translation didn't hold up so well for the Dolphins last year but he wasn't terrible. Pennington was sacked 24 times (and we know he can't run a lick) and our trio of ball slingers were sacked 36 times. He knows offense, getting off the line, and getting open - as well as QB protection and opening holes for the rushers.

Tony Nathan was an undersized back who made the most of his opportunities when called on. He's sort of built like Priest Holmes was - not a bulldozer like LJ, more of a cut back/catch it/sweep type runner. I think with the trio of backs we have now we could use someone like this to maximize the potential of Charles / Smith.

Noel Mazzone comes from the Rams where he's coached a few guys you might have heard of. Issac Bruce and Tory Holt. I think with the brand of receiver we have now they can benefit from someone who's been teaching Tory Holt how to stay on top of his game would be a boon for D-Bowe and Bradley - as well as our youngsters who just can't seem to get it all put together. If he can teach "catching the easy ones" and "consistency" then I'd say we'd be making strides from the wideouts.

Clancy Pendergast is another coach who can also teach. I think maybe the play calling got away from him as a DC but if he can just be a presense to teach football to our defensive guys - especially our line - we'll be better off for it. He comes from Arizona with Hailey so there is already a familiarity with these two. We seem to have talent on our line, we just can't seem to get them to use it. I think that fool of a D-Line coach we have now has to go. He seems more about screaming and pounding than technique. Watch the tape of how Dorsey / Tyler just try and push - the games I saw last year they were getting swallowed by offensive linemen. Just like Hobbits can't simply walk into Mordor, one can't simply bullrush the o-line all the time.

Lloyd Lee was a secondary and DB coach for the Bears. I understand they ran the Tampa-2/Cover-2/Lovie-2 but every defensive play called won't be out of the 3-4 and I think it will impact the DB's the most, so a little different perspective on the coaching staff wouldn't hurt at all.


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